Thursday, December 08, 2005

My blog's 1.342-th birthday!

Saw Sangeeta's blog celebrating its 1st birthday, which reminded me that my blog was quite as old too. I went and looked into my first post, which was on August 5th 2004........... Alas! I missed out on celebrating my blog's first birthday! So, the next best thing I could do was to celebrate its 1.342-th B'day.

Had a look at all the stuff I had posted, coasting through times..... some happy ones and some pensive..... some light and many busy ones. I havent been regular in posting stuff, and I am rather happy about that.... it shows that I was busy doin somethin more important!

Anyway, I'm gonna hog something on the ocassion now! And some music as well! Partayy!

Looking forward to my photoblog's B'day as well, which is still faaaaaar away!

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Friday, November 25, 2005


I started a new Sci/tech blog along with Lakshmi yesterday. It will have posts on some discussions and will have a few science news kinda posts. Wanted something of the likes of Sray's Scithought, which he has discontinued for some reason. (I was an ardent fan of that blog. U'll see me on top of the commenters list). I dunno, whether we'll be able to make it as good as scithought, but will sure try.

Here's the link :

Friday, November 18, 2005

A wierd love story! (true one)

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anyone alive, dead or dying is purely intentional. (But plz dont sue me!). Some parts of the writing style have been borrowed without permission from Finch. (As in the Automobile Aiy-Ayyos) Dont sue me baby!

There's a beautiful, semi-tender, semi-rugged, non-geek, deeply emotional girl. I'll call her Beautiful Emotional Chick (BEC). There's this guy who is smart, logical and is termed a 'hunk' by many girls. I'll call him Logical Hunk(LH). There's this other jobless guy, who is a love failure, semi-geek, who had a half shot at being a long haired punk, but dropped the idea soon (Yep, thats me!). These are the prime characters of the story. Apart from that, there are quite a bunch of friends hangin around. (I'm a prime part, becoz, dammit, the narrator should be given some screen status!)

LH belongs to a semi-geek gang of friends(GG) (which includes me). BEC gets close to GG and hence with LH and me as well! (I know whatcha thinkin.... no! Its not a love triangle!). One fine day, BEC tells me that she has a deep crush on LH, but is afraid how he'll take it! I, being jobless of course, become the mediator. BEC proposes LH. LH, being logical, of course, keeps thinkin whether to say yes or no, based on pure logic. He tells situation to his dad and mom. Dad and mom get excited.....They accept her.... LH still thinking whether to say yes or no..... GG keeps tryin to tilt answer to 'yes'. LH still thinkin..... They finally go out on a date (That too on Dad's suggestion)... Things start moving. He says 'yes' a bit hesitantly.

LH doesnt have a cellphone. Dad keeps getting more BEC calls for LH than himself. Dad tired of it, and gets LH one. Call durations, sometimes go to 4 hrs per day. LH unable to eat food, sleep, talk, i.e. totally incapacitated. (not becoz of love, but becoz BEC keeps calling whenever he's upto anything). LH thinks he doesnt deserve BEC. BEC thinks she doesnt deserve LH. One fine day, on a date, when LH shows her the lab he's workin in, BEC is awestruck. Amidst this, LH says why he feels that he doesnt deserve her.

Next day, she calls him up, says that she cant continue dating him, because she felt that she didnt deserve him. LH says that its fine if she's breaking up. Both agree to be friends forever. BEC, being emotional, gets hurt by everything he then says, especially, the 'breaking-up' word. But, apparently stays firm on the stance that she doesnt deserve him. LH, being logical of course, proves logically that he has lost nothing. Shares his love story with me, over a coupla plates of Dahi puris and Pani puris (breakin-up party!), laughin at the funniest love story he has seen, and gets over the break-up even before he could realize.

And he planned to live happily ever after

Next day, I meet LH. BEC had called up and told that she didnt want to break up. She did all that only to make him experience the torture she had gone through, when he said that he didnt deserve her.

LH and myself, laugh our hearts out, when I said, "Hmm. So if she did all this to make u feel the torture she went thru...... she must have been laughin over panipuris"

Will update u with more as more shit is definitely to happen between the two. Meanwhile, I'll try to become a more integral part of the story, than just the narrator!

Best part of the story : I got the Dahi puris! A breakin-up party, even though they didnt break up!

Most important role : The geek gang(GG). Of course there's not enough fizz in love without someone to tease u

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Delved Into My Blog Archives

"After unloading our luggage, we went roaming into what seemed to be a Eucalyptus farm (or was it?)" Context - Hosakote trip

Got the idea from Crapper's blog. Nothing as interesting as his. Try it on ur blog

1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

NCBS as seen from Google Earth

Recently, Google Earth improved the resolution of the places in and around Bangalore. Here's the Google-eye view of NCBS, the place where I do my project. Almost the entire area shown in here is NCBS (Not just where the placemark shows).
I even found my house, but did not want to put it on the net.

Meanwhile I am writing the post about my trip to Munnar during the begining of last month. Its taking a lot of time! And I couldnt wait to complete it, to post the ones waiting in the queue. Anyway, I dunno whether I'll be able to squeeze enuf time to post regularly. But, I'll try to!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Trip to BR hills

It has been more than a month since the trip. But it is only now that I have time to blog about it! Thanks to the hectic schedule of my life. Wake up at 5:30 or 6 am. Be at NCBS by 7:30. Leave to college. Get back to NCBS after college. Leave NCBS at 7:00 pm or sometimes 8:30 pm. Reach home by 8:00 or sometimes at 9:30 pm.... Hog... Check mail and comments on blog. If time permits, check SciThought and/or Slashdot. Simultaneously listen to some music. Doze off, to wake up to a simmilar routine!

Anyway, it was supposed to be a post on a trip to BR Hills and not on why I didnt post for so long! So here goes :

We were sitting in a park, bunking class, writing prac records. In the usual jib jab, Vinay told abt the calm waters of the Kapila river at Nanjangud. I hadnt travelled on a fun trip for a long time! I was excited, especially coz I didnr know how to swim, and calm waters were the only way I could step into a river! Achutha had collected some newspaper cuttings, carrying photos and info abt getaways near Bangalore. We just picked a few potential places, and decided to choose among them only after we reach Nanjangud. We decided, that we would leave that very night.

It was a quick decision. I was packed and ready early. Only one of our friends - Shivprakash, couldn't come, coz his parents thought that it was dangerous, due to heavy rains and floods. And that scared us a bit as well. But we still stuck to the decision to go. Six of us turned up. If the threat of weather wasnt a bad enough start, two of us got pickpocketed while boarding the train, and lost 1.3kB (kilo bucks (in indian rupees)) in total, forgetting about the value of the phone numbers, visiting cards, ID cards and buspasses, which were lost as well. We rethought abt whether we would go or not. We had already taken the tickets, so we decided to go.

We reached Mysore at 4:00 am, after sitting half the journey on the footboard. We dozed off at the railway station at Mysore, while Achutha and Srihari went to draw some cash from an ATM a few kms away. Waited for the train to Nanjangud until 6:20. The route from Mysore to Nanjangud was awesome, with greenery all around. On our way, from the train, we saw the Kapila river, it was turbulent as hell! We thought that we wouldnt be able to step into it. But at Nanjangud, when we arrived at the riverbank, we were glad to see calm waters. The current was slightly strong, but was no threat even to a non swimmer like me.

After an hour in the flooded river, we hurried to the station. Since there was no hint of rain around that day, we decided to go to BR hills (BiligiriRanga hills). On the train, we met a Rotary Club trek consultant who happened to board the same compartment as us. He later on introduced us to a localite legend called 'Snake Deepu', who happens to have appeared on Discovery a coupla times. Then we left on a KSRTC bus to a temple atop the BR Hills.

With the Ghats on either side of the road tempting us, we requested the bus driver to stop 5 kms before the temple, amidst the hills. We were told that there were Soliga tribals on these hills. And we saw some as soon as we got down. The soliga kids guided us atop one of the hills. It was only then that we realised that these were soligas currupted by civilization! They demanded 100 bucks or they wouldbnt take us back to the foot of the hill! Since we didnt have much choice, we bargained and we got away with Rs. 30. Then, after quite some time atop the temple walls, admiring the sounds of the raging winds, we got back right in time for the last bus to Bangalore

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Net Connection is back!

I'm back to the blogosphere now!

After more than two weeks after booking for the DataOne connection, it has finally arrived! Its supposed to be a 256 kbps connection, but it actually gave around 380 kbps when we conducted some bandwidth tests! (Huh! But there's a 1 GB/mo traffic limit).

Whatever,.... my blog posting, visiting and commenting rates will improve now, inspite of some tight times at NCBS. I'm going there every day now. My time is totally packed, isolating virgin flies and setting up crosses.

Now that I'm back, I'll update the photoblog with the many new ones I've taken!

I just noticed that u dont need 'Hello' to add photos onto ur blog.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Where did all my time go?

After many intimidating queries and semi-insults fron non-bangaloreans, I finally visited Forum, with a bunch of friends. Went around looking at babes there, like all normal guys. Window-shopped for some time. By the time we were to leave..... heavy downpour! Waited a li'l more. Hogged some french fries, a burger and a softie...... still raining.... continued unfinished business of watching babes........ Meanwhile, saw some babes looking at me as well........ went back home happy on knowing that! (after a stint at Arun's house).

Following week.... barely worked...... full time listening to music..... bunked work at NCBS......bunked some classes at college....slept through some others... had fun in certain others.... slept a lot..... played a lot of FIFA 2005............ kept on winning............ got bored!........ teased friends..... got teased by friends......... more music........ ONE WEEK DAMMAAAAAR!(= KaBoom! for the non acquainted!).

Various entrance exams ahead...... lots of plans made until now...... not even partially fulfilled ...... scared of future......... serious shock on realization................ Next day, working at full swing........ night-out at NCBS(!).

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Staring at flies walk!

Yup! Thats what Im doin these days! Staring at walking patterns of Drosophila. Its part of my job here. U might be wondering why I'm studying 'walking' patterns of a 'fly'? Well, the Drosophila genome is very well studied, and since my work involves genetic stuff, it IS important to use one with a smal, convenient and well understood genome. There are other perks in using such stuff. For example, I dont want the flies to fly off. U may say, 'cut the wings'. But we do something easier. With a well studied genome, and well studied mutants, we breed mutants that cant fly (becoz of curled wings!).

Although the work now seems to be boring of sorts, but it will get interesting soon! The ppl here are nice and friendly! My Prof is a very lively person. So is my semi-guide semi-coworker : Neha. Having a nice time here, although, before being assigned a project here, I dreamed of being assigned somewhere else.

Whatever, the net connexn here is fast! It gives 2 Mbps at this time. So, was playing around with Google Earth(best used with a high speed connection). It is really cool. Its a free download. I had tried 'Keyhole', an earlier version of it, before it became free. Google Earth is the buzz around here 2day.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Busy yet interesting times!

Recent times have been fully pressurizing, special thanks to Vinay, who constantly keeps reminding me to prepare for the entrance exams coming this year. Even apart from academics, there are issues troubling me. I heard about 'someone's ' decision, and am totally shocked, especially because I'm guilty of probably being one of the causes.

Recently, all (almost all) of the REAPmates met to discuss about their respective projects. Figured out that many of 'em are having undoo-fundoo projects. Only me and Adi (Arcane Crapper) were placed at NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences). But, even he managed to get a non-bio project. He got to choose between stuff on AFMs (Atomic Force Microscopes) and stuff in non-linear optics. Dammit! I'm the only one with a bio project - "Genetic inheritance of neuronal networks". Although the name looks snazzy, I would easily love something more in Physics. Whatever! The other REAPmates (except Goo) actually hate biology. So, I guess I was the only person left to choose it. (The selections were made probably on previous year's performance. But, did I perform sssssssssooooo bad? I dont think so!)

Whatever, I'm an optimist as u know! This oppurtunity has certainly introduced diversity into my skills. The work is interesting., and there is plenty to learn. Moreover, its a happening area. So, I seriously hope for (and foresee) a great time here.

And yea, my net connexn will be back in a week. After a lot of debate and thought, we opted for BSNL DataOne. So, u will see more posts soon!

Right now, I'm posting this from NCBS. Its 2:45 am (The timestamp on each post in my blog is accurate) and I'm slowly begining to feel drowzy. Wondering what I'm doin up this late? Well... I was doin some expts here, none of 'em came out well! Then, I started to write my Physics practical record. Mood worsened. Went out on a stroll, had a coupla burgers (Thanks to Harsha's warnings of midnight hunger). Came back, started writing again. Mood worsened. Here I am, blogging!
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Sunday, July 10, 2005


I've been tagged by Sangeeta (probably a million years ago!) Sorry for the late reply.
So here goes!

Warning: Majority of the books I recommend are for ppl into Physics. So dont buy it and curse me if u go and buy something, and dont like it.

Total number of books I own:
100-120. This includes technical books, but not textbooks.

Total number of books given to others and never came back:
10-15. I was very much pissed off for the books I didnt get back. But now, I'm sorta fine with it, after looking at Sangeeta's figures.

Total number of e-books:
4169 (That is 2.94 GB) Whoa! will I ever be able read all of 'em?!?!. Btw, thanks to Hari (Srihari Srinivasan) for all the eBooks.(Or else the number would be something like 5 or 6!)

Last book I bought:
The Tao of Physics : Fritjof Capra
There's a history behind this one. I was reading the review of 'Road to Reality - Roger Penrose' on Slashdot. Many commenters spoke of 'The Tao of Physics". I added it to my mental wishlist. Then, months later (which is like a week ago from now), I was reading "In search of Schrodinger's cats" in class.(Yea! I dont listen to the lectures, I read my own books. I sit in class for attendance!). The guy sitting next to me (not so interested in Physics) asked for my book. He glanced through the introduction. The author had mentioned the "Tao of Physics" book somewhere. It caught his eye, especially because he didn't know what 'Tao' meant. Then a coupla days ahead, he saw the book in some book mound (Books piled up on the streets). He called me up and asked me whether I wanted it. I said yes, inspite of some budget problems. But he haggled it to within my budget (I got it for Rs.70!)

Last book I was gifted:
QED:Richard Feynman (Awesome book for anyone with some inclination to Physics, to know more about Quantum Electrodynamics) gifted by my friends.
Surely You're joking Mr. Feynman - Feynman. (A must read for anyone. The autobiography of this eccentric and remarkable Physicist. A very humorous read) gifted by my bro
These were gifted on my B'day

Last book I read:
In search of Schrodinger's cat - John Gribbin
This was another awesome read. It deals with Quantum mechanics, and also its philosophical consequences. It is a popular level book. The only equation he has used in the main part of the book is E=hv. So, ppl with only slight interests in gretting into the math, can also read it.

Currently reading:
Schrodinger's Kittens - John Gribbin
Sequel to the previous book.

Five books that mean a lot to me:
FivePointSomeone - It sort of changed my life, due to some not so obvious reasons.
Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman - Feynman is sorta what I wanna be like. Fun loving and full masti character, but yet a very good physicist, and one of the best physics teachers the planet has seen. His autobiography is one thing that will inspire me lifelong.
The Feynman lectures on Physics(3 Vols) - It gives a total different perspective of all the Physics I've learnt. With Physics lying deep in my heart, this is one important series.
Famous Five :Treasure Island - This was the first novel I read. I read it about 5 to 6 times by the time I was in 8th. I simply loved it as a kid. But alas, it went into some kabaadi store, thanks to mom.
In search of Schrodinger's cat - The philosophical implications of QM has been beautifully portrayed. And it has had a deep impact on my views of the world.

Book that made zero sense to me:
College Physics - SundarRajan, Syed Azeez, George Thomas.
Talking abt zero sense?!?! This makes negative sense! This is our textbook for college! Damn! I could write a whole blog cribbing abt it! However, I will provide just one excerpt from it
"When a body gains heat energy, it becomes relatively colder". Mind you, the book is full of such crap like y=bx/a, (where a & b are parameters) is the equation of a pair of lines. (In treatment of lissajous figures) It is full of makeshift faulty proofs. And dammit, we should reproduce these in the exam! ok. I said 'one excerpt', but sorry, couldnt stop!

OK, so thats it with the tag! If anyone is willing to be tagged, leave a comment.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Bro's blogs

My bro has started a coupla blogs. (I am very late on this one, thanks to the damned net connexn). One is about the usual cribbings of a geek life : doesnt update it often)

The other is a serious one, in which he discusses ideas and solutions to tech problems. He wants ppl to review his ideas. (He updates this whenever he gets a new idea, which is pretty frequent) He is waiting to see ppl's comments on his ideas. His ideas are usually down-to-earth, even if they initially appear highly technical. I feel u guys will definitely have some strong opinions about his suggestions.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Connection blues

AAAAARRRGGGHHH! Damned net connection! Disconnects every few minutes and connects only every few hours! Thats why u havent seen any new posts or replies to comments. Sangeeta, u'll have to wait until i reply to ur tag! I dont think there'll be new psots until this connection is chucked and a new one arrives. My bro is thinking abuot DataOne oor Hathway. Any suggestions ppl?

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thinking about thinking!

It was back in my pre-Univ days, the days of CET preparation. (For the non acquainted, CET is a Common Entrance Test for courses in Engg or Medicine, here). Amidst all the hustle bustle, I forgot all about CET and saw myself in a quest for the Ultimate Truth. I'll write about my journey through it, and my conclusions, sometime later. I call it 'The Cry'. (There are reasons for calling it that way. Some of the readers know it)

I hate going into the 'Philosophy mode' (for more reasons than what you may scavenge out of this post). But, recently, when I saw a post on RKat's blog, it sorta kicked back in. He was of the opininion that being philosophically minded, and having abstract desires rather than material ones is superior.(this was in the comments section)

But..... I somehow feel that its the other way round. To me, its a torment when I look at anything beautiful...... Why do I find it beautiful? Is it beautiful indeed, or is it something in MY mind?........ When I feel I'm in love....... what is this feeling? Is it just a series of hormones rushing? ............. when I'm happy about something........ what is this feeling of happiness? Does it mean anything at all?......... When I'm totally surrounded with pleasures, this drive of questioning sets in and kills all the joy, a joy I dunno the purpose for.......... 'What is happiness?'....... 'Why do I need to be happy?'.......... These questions haunt me whenever I'm enjoying something. So..... doesnt a 'mere mortal' (by others' standards) enjoy life better than me?

In reply to that, some say - "A 'mere mortal' enjoys only 'trivial' material pleasures". But, the philosopher's 'abstract' and 'superior' pleasures appear to be equally 'trivial' to me. After all,...... what is the purpose of this questioning of the world we see around? Will it take us ANYWHERE? Does it serve a 'superior' purpose? I dont know! However, I cannot go back to the care-free state I was in before. I want to be that mere mortal.... but dammit I cant! I just try to shut this m0de off as quickly as I can, before I get conched by the ghastly pictures it portrays.

I usually dont spread my philosophies....... coz, if I convince someone of it,........ then he too will get into this sorry state..... or even worse! So, my advice is.......... stay off this philosophical shit! Once u get into it by your free volition, there's NO WAY OUT.

Ok.... the post is getting long! I'll save some shit for later!

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Back to work

I love to do experiments at the planetarium lab. But however, I couldnt for quite a long time, for various reasons, ranging from heartbroken-ness, busy-ness and attending summer lectures at the Planetarium to sleepines and playing AOE2 (Age of Empires II) against my bro.

Now that I'm all settled, (heart is ok, not so busy, summer lectures over, dont feel like sleeping, bored of defeating my bro in AOE2 everytime), I'm goin to the P'rium lab regularly. I have to still verify my equation for the dynamics of the double cone (see bottom portion of pic for the apparatus). And while I'm working out different ways to measure the instantaneous velocity of the cone, the experiments the other guys are doing, suddenly interests me. From next moment on, I'm doin thier expt (dumping my double cone).

Meanwhile, although memories keep resurfacing......both pleasant and not..... I'm handling them better now. I somehow feel I'm back in form .... in almost everything.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Yesterday, I was helping my bro scan for some missing document in the almirah. We decided to empty the whole thing and reorganize. Doing it was a hectic job, even more so, when everything reminded me of mom. Her sarees, her bangles, the sweet li'l way she had categorized and labelled all stuff in the almirah, the li'l pouch in which she would keep her soap, oil, talc and all, the pleasant smell arising from the pouch................... all this would go away now.......... Although I used to fight with her quite often, all the things she sacrificed for us, comes to mind.

It all reminds me of that day..... when we were trying to wake her up...... Somehow...... I feel guilty.... probably I could have saved her...... Her heart had stopped, but the body was quite warm. I could have done the emergency forced pump. I knew how to do it.... But it didnt flash amidst the trauma. This will stay in my mind.... "I could have saved her". Even before that..... the previous night, when she was very sick, I did not pay much attention to her, as I was preparing for the damned mock Practical exam....... Had I done enough to take care of her? But little did I know that it would turn this way... But still.... Am I justified?

Somebody in my guestbook says that my blog is like a soap opera. If at all it is, it is because my life IS like a soap opera.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Hey! Where's all the geeky stuff?

Many of you might have wondered why the blogURL is 'roastedneutrons'. Well, there's a history to that! My brother started a blog with the URL 'neuronsonfire'. (He has stopped blogging). I wanted my blog URL to be somehow related. So, I planned to make mine 'roastedneurons' but accidentally typed 'roastedneu8rons'. Then I realized that I was a Physics student and my blog would be abt the Physics I learn. I thought 'roastedneutrons' (thanks to the typo) would fit the job, for a geeky blog! But.... I havent posted a single thing abt any geeky stuff so far! Somehow... I feel that expressing the non-geekish part of myself is more important to me! And by the way, who would be interested in reading some crap about bra-ket algebra or levi-cevita tensors? (bouncers?)

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Monday, May 30, 2005

This strange irony called life

It was the day before that day..... which has become an important part of my history.... a day my grandchildren will probably hear abt (thats wayyyy in the future).

I was composing a li'l part of a song (even recorded it later). It was raining heavily! And the sky was glowing once in a while with flashes of lightning. I was there... sitting in the balcony... The roof was no shelter from the rain that rode on the strong winds. That day... I was all so happy... so curious... feeling glad about all the 'signs' that some friends told me about! I was excited! But... all that lasted only that night which bore pleasant dreams amidst the rumblings of thunder..... However... the next day was all bright and clear! It was cool inspite of being a summer noon! But... suddenly lightning struck! I was unsettled! Time moved on as my life went through the dark days... but, the weather was fine and bright throughout! Then.... when life is showing signs of recovery...... finally settling back....... There's lightning and thunder at the horizon!

Somehow..... I want it to stay this way...... with my mind clear and lightning striking around! But... am I being selfish?..... in wishing the whole world a turbulent time, JUST so that I am clear of it? Might be I am..... But I'll be of any use to the world, only if I'm totally out of troubled waters. Recently, memories resurfaced.... all those pleasant dreams.... which have turned into nightmares.... indications of trouble deep within me. So.... the world will have to face some troubled weather..... but, once settled, I assure that I'll come to their help and set things right... the trouble caused by all the thunder.

And yea... I decided I will never complete that song!

I see someone drawing a metaphor..... But dont take it too far!

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Live 'n kikkin

I'm back to life now! Thanks to a lot of words from someone. The words affected my attitude to almost everything that I had problems with! But however,.... in the process, I think I am feeling sorta guilty of ruining someone's appetite and sleep for 2 days. I wanted to escape my trouble and transferred it to someone! How damn rude of me! I'm still wondering how I can rectify the mess I've created! But, I'm sure I'll do my best! Coz, I dont wanna regret this all my life!

One thing I decided : Stay focussed on the academic stuff, for atleast quite a distance in the future! I wont get this time again!

So.... off i go.... to my books!

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Solution to the riddle

Finally, I've decided to give out the solution. Dont kick ur own asses (or mine), coz its so simple. The message is carried in the last line. (That should have been obvious by looking at it). The first line is just an indicator that the letters should be rearranged. In the second line, 'the roman king' i.e. Caesar refers to the cipher I have used. Ppl who know abt the Caesar cipher know that you need to know the shift number. And that is denoted by Poseidon - Poseidon's trident. The third line is just to keep ppl busy tryin to get some cryptic meaning outta it. It does no help to crack the last line.

So,.... go ahead and decipher! Mind u, u wont get anything spectacular if u decipher the new riddle. Its the old one that had somethin mportant in it. I've tried to remove all traces of the old riddle, online. I know that the old one is up on one person's blog comments. I hope he will maintain it secret. (I know he will).

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I feel so much cared for...

I was sitting on the steps of the Planetarium at 9:30 in the morning. It was an hour before the lectures would start. I saw a friend approach. He had come all the way there inspite of his busy work, after reading my blog.... JUST to enquire what happened to me.... to know why i was heartbroken! At first... I thought he was joking.... Then I realized that he really meant it..... I felt so much cared for... inspite of the strange ironic circumstance (Right now... probably only two ppl apart from me can understand why it was ironic). Thanks a lot maan... I know u will read this.

Yet another thing happened... After i returned home... I see an old friend online on Y! messenger. He is not here in Bangalore now... So, the only way we communicate is phone(rarely) email and IM(often). He was there waitin in a cybercafe for me to come online... for 3 hrs.... after he came to know why I was heartbroken. Again.... I felt so much cared for...

I read all the comments on the post.... Everyone is so supportive.... even though many of 'em hardly even know me!

Inspite of felling heartbroken,.... I feel so much cared for.... Indeed.... the world is a nice place!

However,.... the only way out of my heartbroken state seems to be blogging, books and photography. I will try to be glued to 'em. It might sound a bit like Silas Marner getting obsessed with his loom and guineas... But I somehow dont pity him.... he was probably enjoying it!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Almost everyone is busy chattin with someone else
- I'm happy.

Seizing the moment, I try to gesture
- I'm curious

I hear something....
- I realize that a friend had told me of this, quite some time ago.
- My myopic thoughts couldn't see this coming.
- I'm heartbroken
- I'm almost crying.

Several graphs come up on the screen
- I'm heartbroken and still thinking abt it.

Even more graphs come up..... Nothing seems to enter my head.
- Heartbroken and still thinking

There's a huge discussion over the graphs
- Heartbroken and not thinking

Time to leave (finally). The long duration seemed shorter than to the others who were bored.
- Heartbroken and thinking

Boarded a bus home.
- Still thinking and heartbroken

Stopped by at the PaniPuri shop. The dahi-puri and Pani-puri tasted horrible, unlike usual.
- Still thinking and thinking of recovery

At home and in front of the puter
- Still thinking and heartbroken

A long post in my diary, and re-read old posts.
- Shattered! Heartbroken! Trying to think

Frying Chicken Kabab after a long period of no non-veg. (They say non veg is good for depression).
- Trying not to think and heartbroken

Back to the puter
- Heartbroken! plain heartbroken!

Apart from me, probably there's only one person who understands whats goin on. (Or the little extra few ones, to whom I informed!)

Current mood : Heartbroken! (as if the title didnt say it all)
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Butterfly Hunting!

I attend a summer program at the planetarium here. Daily, I come an hour early and read some book or go hunting for pics. Sujay(the guy in the pic) , a new friend of mine, discovered that there are a lot of butterflies in a floral patch there. He came in early and started hunting for butterfly pics. I joined in shortly.

I tried a lot to take pics of the butterflies! But they would fly away, even before I turned my cam at them. So all I could do was to take pics of Sujay trying to shoot them. However, I learnt a few tricks and stuff and got luckier next day and caught loads of 'em on cam. The best pic of 'em all is on my photoblog.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Solutions postponed

The solution to the riddle has been postponed coz of ppl diving at it right now! It may be a few weeks from now!

Current Mood : Gloomy (got a cold) ***blows nose***
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

post-exam blast

yayyyyyyy! Exams over. Life has just re-begun!

I did my math ok...... not anythin 2 b proud of. But I'm not eyeing the top in exams anyway.

It was Swaroop's B'day as well. So it was a combined blast. We(Vini, Goo, myself, Shivu) talked and talked and talked, ate and ate and drank(no no no, not what u r thinking!). Walked and walked and walked, as we chattered, until we went to the Mango Mandi. Trucks filled with mangoes were just pouring in. It was a huge place, which means - a lottt of mangoes, mangoes of a gazillion breeds. We bought a few kilos of 'em from there, a small fraction of the tonnes of tonnes hauled up there.

That is Shivu posing with a huge mango.

Then we went back to Swaroop's house and again partied a little. Gave him birthday bumps at last and we left home.

Reaching home, I ran to the comp, turned on the music and slept.

Woke up, blogged, and now I have to HURRY! All REAPmates are meeting today at the planetarium! Have to be there by 11.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Last exam tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last exam! And its Partayyy time after that. Have a great summer planned up, followed by a great year. Waiting to lay hands on some books I've bought recently. Loads of activity to follow. Only one day separates me from all these!

I'm still not in mood for tomorrow's exam. Some music, lots of sleep and little dreams of days beyond tomorrow are all I have been able to sport so far. Hope that i will do my exam ok! I dont wanna score bigtime! But nevertheless, I dont wanna flunk, at least for the record that i havent flunked so far!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bangalore - now a verb

In US slang, the term 'bangalored' refers to workers laid off because their jobs have moved to India. This word has been discussed recently in the Bangkok Post, the Times of India and other Asian newspapers. I did a google search on the term. Somewhere in the search results I saw a title - "Bangalore itself may be facing the threat of being ' Bangalored' ".
See more here

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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Sort of a special event. Shivu prompted me to blog about it. Todays date is 05/05/05. I know! I know! Its a wierd thing to do during ur exams - posting about dumb coincidences! Hey, but I do need a break in between! Howevwer I did click some photos. Will put em up soon!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Firefox turns 50

Yeeha! Firefox crossed 50 million downloads! My previous post on firefox was made just a little before it crossed the mark. Its party time up there! And I'm strugglin with exams here! how unfair!

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Haloscan has been installed after much thinkin! I dunno how to show all the old comments. Or even how to back em all up. However, it'll be easy commenting from now on.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Photoblog!

I have decided to make a dedicated photoblog. Some of u already know abt it! This post is for those who havent reached here through my profile or those who dont look into the sidebar.

Here's the link :

This doznt mean that there wont be photos here. Its only that there wil be loads and loads of photos there, and loads of jib-jab here.

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Get Firefox!

I have been using IE, Firefox and Opera. Of all the ones, although Opera seems to be faster, firefox seems to be most friendly and easy to use. The only reason why i stuck to IE previously was bcoz of the google toolbar which was available only for IE. And those who are using IE for the same reason, u can download googlebar from And unlike opera it is totally free and minus the ads and stuff. for those of u who dont know, firefox and Opera support tabbed browsing (to which I am addicted to now!).

I recently went around to some cybercafes here. All of them hsve firefox instead of IE. And I was surprised - coz the cybercafes out here are slow upgraders. (Some have win 95 win 98 and dont even have winzip! or any zippin utility).

This is a graph of the browser share of ppl visiting my blog. 42% is a good share. Do i see IE declining?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Riddle changed

Heyall !

The purpose of the puzzle was to send a message to someone. The message has reached the intended person. So, I deleted the message as it served its primary purpose. But, since many of u have come here for the puzzle (thanks to me agreeing to the lady who is slowly getting bald), I changed the puzzle and posted it; which will no longer give a hint to an aspect of my life or anything, but still is something to be solved. Here is the modified one:

O Draconian Devil!
Posiedon hands the key to the Roman king.
Together they read:
"glow 2b 2ryx 2v 2h!!"

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yahoo 360

YeeHa! I've now got a Yahoo 360 account! You can see my 360 blog here. Its features are kinda nice! But i dunno whether i shud dump blogger for it. I feel blogger is kinda more blogger friendly. But yahoo 360 is more complete. Whatever, i'll use both now and dump one of the two in the future.

Leave me comments if u want invites! (That way, u'll be on my friends list)

Friday, April 15, 2005


Was reading SF's blog! She had this wonderful 'mutilation' of Shelley's words. It brings so much hope in an exam stricken life of a student.

Here it goes - "If the exams are here, can holidays be far behind?"

Wow! I remember some such college related statements that were engraved on the benches of our colleges

Some flowers deeply engraved, as if it were a tombstone "In memory of all those who died trying to survive the class"

"Life is precious....... Do not waste it in class!"

There were more, Im not able to remember all of 'em! But neWay, there'll be this SF thing on some benches soon! I request SF not to sue me for copyright violations! See its a trade for publicity. I'll even put ur blog-url beside it.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Bugs are the IN thing in blogs these days! Wanted some arthropod acquainted to me , to be up here in the blogosphere.

There are ppl writing poems to spiders, wanting to make movies abt them. Well, I should atleast be there somewhrere with atleast a pic.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Feels so damn nice today!

Was writing code morning to noon. Got stuck up. Thought that the day is really goin bad. Then after noon, though I was listening to my Bro's plans and arguing back, I just dozed off. It began to rain when I woke up for tea. I then went back and dozed again, coz I didnt wanna risk the puter, as the power could go crazy, when its raining. (My friend's{Its another damn Aditya} UPS was all fumes recently when the transformer nearby went ka-Boom! during the rain).

The atmosphere was already so good, with the fresh moist smell of the rain. But it got better as thoughts poured in...... about my life ahead........ and when to start hunting for a soulmate. Then I woke up to watch some TV. Saw 'Phenomenon' on Star Movies. Damn good movie. Im feelin so nice after that. The cinematography, the direction, the subttleties, everythin is wonderful. The story touched me and Im feelin so much more nicer, and alive-er (no its not like livelier).

I feel that, all I want in life is a soulmate who's loving and carin enough, and who matches my frequencies. (I'll also need some cash to stay alive. But I know that I can earn enough). Its such a hard thing to find someone matching ur frequencies. But, I feel I'll somehow find someone in the near future.
Wish me luck!

Too many Adityas

I dunno why there are so many Adityas and Aruns (and Vinays too). Whenever I'm speakin about an Aditya or Arun, the listener always mistakes it to be the Aditya I'm not intending. (The Aruns and Vinays are more manageable)

Happy Blogging and Happy Clicking

Yep! I'm doin as Manish said. And I'm not frigged by life or exams! I love to do a last moment slog. But I sorta hate it when it comes in way of my joy! Anyway, to keep with my joy, I'll follow up with some pics soon. I'll start preparin for my exams probly from 16th. (Wow! I love my life! Not many can afford to enjoy this much b4 exams). I'm startin a li'l earlier than last year, coz i didnt attend many classes, nor did i listen to anythin in the classes that I attended! (Busy with some more important stuff u see!). Anyway, Apr 29th is a long way ahead!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

So much to do in life

Oh boy! Life is Soooooo damn wonderful! There are so many things to enjoy. But dammit, there's not enough time to enjoy it! And there are these lean periods in life that come once in a year - the damn exams! Exams always come when I am enjoying life the most!

But however, I am glad that I am able to spare time for blogging and reading others blogs.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Arun, vini, Goo, Shivu and myself were walkin along the lake at Lalbagh. discussing our lives, before Arun had to leave to Bellary

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The burning Phoenix of light

This is a reflection of light from a CD, which has some weird focussing action like a zone-plate. It looks like the Phoenix as in 'Age of Mythology'

Friday, April 01, 2005

Do the Dew!

The grass in all its splendor, with the morning dew scattering light into my blog. This was taken at Hoskote, after the night long masti and philosophy. These are mems I will cherish forever

Ajji koodlu

Ajji Koodlu (meaning grandma's hair) is what we call this special kinda flower, that is resting on Bhavana's hand. This was taken at Hoskote. This brings back memories of the stories tied to the 'Ajji koodlu', when we were kids. It makes more and more memorable moments as time goes on.

Through the sproutin plantain leaf

My mom used to take good care of the plantain (trees?) in our garden. This is the first new sprouting leaf, after the incident

Hosakote trip

Well, I got raelly tired writing about the Kavalur trip. But abt the Hoskote trip, I dont have the time to write every damn thing abt it. But, to say it all, it was another memorable trip. u can see the photos at under Hoskote trip.

It was a pleasaant evening when we arrived there. After unloading our luggage, we went roaming into what seemed to be a Eucalyptus farm (or was it?). We went quite a small distance, and then decided to turn back, as we were to meet the person by name Padmakar Parihar(Yeah! I still remember) who would explain about the telescope. The telescope was in Laddakh, and was controlled from Hoskote.

Although his accent was quite illegible at start, we could follow him soon. He went quite elaborate in his discussions. He used the word 'Grism' a zillion times in the talk. I thought that it was his way of mis-pronouncing Prism. But it actually turned out to be that there is indeed something called a Grism- Grating+Prism.

Some supernova tracking was going on at that time. So we were asked to come at 12 midnight to take our observations. So we went out into something that looked like an amphitheater. Many demonstrated their yoga skills, until it got all boring, and we decided to lay truth or dare. All of us chose truth. And all of em were damn boring (which includes me). Then round 2 was dare, coz none chose dare in round 1. Suhas had this dare, that he had to verbally offend everyone, there. Aditya got offended a zillion times over (easy prey!). He really tried hard to offend Amrita and Rohit. But, it wasnt easy. Goo was kinda easy! (He just kept on saying the f-word a zillion times when speakin to him. And thats all that was required).

Adi ha dto climb the communications tower, (it was a dare, considering the fact that he was acrophobic). Then comes the interestin part. Adi dared Rohit to kiss Amrita's feet, on the soles. (This is a different Amrita from the one I mentioned in an earlier post). Rohit first hesitated telling "I can do it man, but the taste is a problem". Suhas darts back, "Oh! so u plan to use ur tongue also?". Instead of feeling offended, he joined in our loud laughter (Tough luck Suhas!). Rohit finally did it.

A few more meaningless dares and few attempts of Suhas later,we had to go to the control room. Our slot was postponed to 3:00 am. We waited, did our work and went to one of our rooms.

Suhas started to talk about the non-existence of a moral in the story of Edipus and blah blah blah. Only few were interested. Then we slowly went on to philosophy. Amrita being so philosophically minded was a real shocker to me!

Adi and Goo went to sleep. The rest of us continued discussions ALL NIGHT! Then we dispersed to do our daily morning activities. I had my bath, and went out to take a few pics Then I realized that I had forgotten to brush (this happens quite oft these days). Came back to finish my unfinished jobs.

Then, I realize that the rift between Bhavana and Adi got deeper. Probably, that fellow justkept on pissin her off. He never knows to draw the line. She was so damn uspet, that she wanted to go home! (its quite strange, considering the fact that she hates home). Well, I think she takes everythin too seriously as well.

Wait, this is getting too long. So lets cut it short here......... Everyone went back home (sleeping in the Qualis) and lived happily ever after.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Philosophy treat

After coming back from Kavalur, I took a big long nap. Woke up in the evening, remembaring that I had my final Chemistry practical exams the next day! I had to go to Vini's house to get the procedure sheets. Well, I went there, talked and talked and talked about the trip. Then went out to tae a xerox, then went on talkin, hoggin some chaat. Then somehow, there was a discussion about Bhavana's question "You cant simply disbelieve and argue against something, without even tasting it"(referring to Astrology). Well, that was all that was required to pull me into a full length discussion with Vini about what is reality, is there a reality and lotsa of things that finally led to the purpose of life thing, and transfereed my philosophies to him. (= Aaahiyo Whoonuno Aahiyo Paiyohyu! for AOE 1 players; = conversion, for the world deprived of AOE1).

Yea, but wat about the chem exams? Chuck it, this was more interesting, it went on until we realized that it was 10 pm. And u know what, whenever we had a philosophy discussion together, it was behind a chem exam! (It has happened thrice so far. Its probably coz chem is so easy that we do not actually feel to read for the exam).

Well, I am really happy about one thing! I did not read for it, while in Kavalur, when the others were busy in their books. I started only 2 -3 hrs before the exams. And Im proud that I did very well! It was a similar case in the Physics practicals

The Kavalur Trip

Ah! At last! I finished writing the moment-to-moment detail rant of the Kavalur trip. It took me an awful long time. And, dammit, after writing the whole story, I figure out, i cant blog it here with all the pics. I have it on my website. U can see it at

You can see ALL the photos taken there (includig the junk ones) at
under Kavalur trip. U can see the other albums, which contain some nice photos as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ants eye view

This pic was taken by Adi, with the camera on the ground. Looks like a complex landscape. But it is only dry eucalyptus leaves on burnt grass.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Aditya doing some deep thinking, calculating stuff to compare our equations for the uphill cone. Yeah, and I was loafing around...... looking for something interesting for the lens. Waited a looong time for him to behave in his usual funny way. Saala camera ke aage chup chaap baitha tha. After the long wait, decided to take a pic of something he rarely does-.....thinking!

Goo-ological specimen

Goo, doing his usual monkey business!

Ugh! Whats the name!

I forgot the name of this flower. Yeah I know I was a bio student. But, how much can I remember after all. All I know now is that it is beautiful, and this happens 2 b one of my favourites.

A close-up of a sunflower

A Red leaved plant which my mom had planted and maintained

Sunflower field

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mom, Hope u'll remember all the good days and forget the bad ones.

Yesterday morning (around 6:30 AM here), I was busy writing my Chemistry Practical Record. I was preparing for my mock prac exam. My dad came upstairs and told me that Mom didnt sleep at all that night and he prepared some juice for her around 5 AM, after which she went to sleep. (She was extremely sick recently). Then he too went to sleep. He woke up at around 6:15 and saw her sleeping in a weird posture across the bed. So, he came upstairs and told me about all this. He told that we shall wake her up a little later if she is still in that posture. We agreed.

Then a little later, my bro and myself went to see what weird posture she was sleeping in.
We decided to lift her and place her in a proper position. We then tried to wake her up. She didnt respond. She usually has problems of hypoglycemia., so we that it was just another spell of it. Her body was warm, so we did not have much suspicion. But since she was a cardiac patient, we simply decided to listen to her heartbeat. We didnt hear any. The fridge was making some noise. We turned it off, so that we could hear the heartbeat clearer. But.... There was no heartbeat yet. We were shocked and called dad. He checked too, and he said,"She's gone". We called our family doc. She confirmed that she was dead.

And from then on, we have her no more......

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Exams approaching!

My preparatory exams are on 21st Feb. I havent prepared at all. Nor have I attended all the classes. Guess I'll have to do a last minute zoom through. The thing is that I have more interesting and more important things to do now.

I have recently derived an equation for the motion of the 'uphill cone'. I'll have to experimentally verify this. I'm still making the apparatus components. And, I'm just waiting to verify my results.

I have to do the problems to be submitted at REAP (A research course at the Planetarium here). The problems are good. But, I dont know to solve em yet.

I have to submit a report on doing the Rutherford Alpha Ray Scattering expt at REAP.

So, I have all these things lined up before I can start preparing for my preps.

Ah! Some bucks at last!

After doing Freelancing for quite some time, I did make some money. I havent been able to devote much time to it. But, I do pick up some jobs now and then.

Whoa! ..... I met a Nobel Laureate

This was in Nov if I'm right. Sir Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel laureate for chemistry (for his discovery of BuckyBalls along with Richard Smalley and another guy), had come to the Planetarium here (I go to a Research orientation course here). He was to give a talk on attitudes towards science and the like. He gave a very inspiring talk. I still remember his famous quote "My favourite chemical is my dog!", when a friend of mine asked him whether the buckyball was his favourite chemical. I have written down some of his quotes somewhere. Couldnt search it out for the blog.

After the lecture, when all of us students went to shake hands with him, something happened that I will remember the rest of my life. He spoke to ME! But, Alas!, not on anything technical. I had worn a shirt with a big Ferrari logo. When it was my turn to shake hands with him, he said looking at my shirt: "You have a Ferrari?"
I said, "No , Sir..."

"Well.... Win the Nobel prize and you can buy one!"


(Pauses for a while) "Oh! You cant buy a Ferrari with that! You'll have to kill the other two laureates!"

(Everyone laughs)

Well, I would be prouder, if we spoke on something else. But, If at all I DO win the Nobel Prize, I will certainly quote this incident in my Nobel speech.

That was a loooooooooong time

I have been VERY busy for quite a lot of time. (And i forgot to blog). Lots of things happened in my life in this time. I'll post all of em as separate posts. But the order in which it is posted doesnt reflect the order in which it happened. (Coz I forgot what happened in what order). And happy to know that ppl actually see my blog!

In fact im much busier now. But, I wanna take some time out. Figured out that this was the best thing to do with the time.