Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running in the rain again

........ only, this time some stuff was different

1. It was dark
2. It wasnt pouring as it was last time.... only a steady heavy drizzle
3. I had company (Kiru running and Ann cycling along. Or else i probably wouldnt have ventured to run in the dark)

Did it in pretty decent time for running in water (~4 km in 27 mins). And also happy that my injuries seem to have healed.

Its so much fun when running in the rain, especially with company (and splashing water at the others, as u run). Kiru was gasping for breath in laughter.

Again, we were the subject of astonishment and envy to ppl in the cozy comforts of cars.

Thank u kiru and ann. (And sorry for all the water i splashed into ur mouth!)

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Old traditions in new avataars

I remember those days when i was a kid, when neighbors used to share sweets on occasions..... Usually some home made delicacies, that they send in some plates (wrapped in newspapers sometimes) or tiffin boxes........ Then there is this custom that u shouldnt return the vessel empty. So you fill it with some goodies from your side, while u return it......

Well, some of the aunties of the house still follow these, but wat im talking about is the gen-Y of today who follow this tradition in a different way. Somebody asks u some stuff on ur comp (music, pictures, software etc.). U give it to him in ur USB pendrive...... He returns u the pendrive with some goodies he has (more music, movies etc.).....

Well, i think both the old and new traditions are applicable only to places like india :)

And some ppl forget to return the pen drives until reminded (just like some neighbors accidentally forget all abt ur vessel, and is mixed up with their own vessels)

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Monday, October 08, 2007


I ran my first official RFL run. The location was Hessarghatta this time, which will be the racetrack for the Bangalore ultramarathon as well. The route was very picturesque. I have missed out on taking pictures in one of the best portions of the race track - the woods - where i was so focussed on running (or limping on my sore-kneed second lap) that i forgot that i am a shutterbug.

ONV (Our Native Village) was the host for the RFL run, and will be for the ultra as well. Special mention has to be made of the 'completely natural' aspect of everything at ONV.

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Coffee with Aki

........ mmmmmMMMMM..... the aroma..... ...... "Perfect! as always!"...... ...... "Some more coffee powder aki"........,............. "Perfect! As always!"

Some versions of coffee have a special something in them..... Somethin the Cafe Coffee Days and Baristas cant offer..... Its an essence that even coffee made by ur mom or lover lacks. (which is definitely great in their own league, but i feel this one is different). Its not the love that goes into aki's coffee, its the total selfless care that she offers everyone, that is so well-expressed in the coffee.....

Thanks for the AMAZING coffee, aki

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