Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cycling to Bevinatta (20 Nov 09 and again on 22 Nov 09)

I cycled the longest single day ride.... and i am too lazy to post it..... And i do the same ride again, with just a day's gap.... A feat for sure to do two 190 km rides almost back to back..... But yet, it felt so normal... so un-blog-worthy while doing it.... no huge sense of accomplishment.... But yet, the route was nice..... the company was nice while i rode the second time round.... And it definitely needs mention in my blog.

Route: Sarjapur ->Attibele -> TVS Rd -> Anusonay -> Bevinatta -> Denkanikottai -> TVS Rd -> Attibele -> Sarjapur..... Route was 190 km roundtrip for me, starting from home

One fine Friday morning, at around 8 am, i just head off to drop a biker to territory she knew.... Just continued riding on, until i found myself at Attibele (50 km from my house)...... Thinking arbit things, and monotonously moving forward pedalstroke after another.... just a 700 ml bottle of water in the holder.... Tender coconuts en route helped a bit too..... Finally i realized i was absent mindedly heading to Bevinatta, where i had been to once with vinay (but by boarding random buses).... Nice empty roads amidst vilages, greenery, fields and hillocks....... Until the chaos of Denkannikottai.... A quick 20 min lunch, and off to Bangalore on another nice low traffic road..... At the end of it, dint even feel that i had done 190 kms

A coupla days later, i herd a bunch of folks training for TFN (, on the same route... this time with a camera, and more water! We got down the stream near Bevinatta, picnicking around.... then we ate sugarcane right off the fields, as they were being harvested.... And a tired but good ride home..... Only few of them did the complete ride (which was upto 160 kms for the others).... But those who did, went home with pride, and joy

I was numb throughout the ride, mentally that is.... and a storm was underway..... Thats where i got all the energy to ride!

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Abhi said...

Hats off man to you and your motivation!

Pushkar Paranjpe said...

That reads like Brainvita.