Saturday, April 09, 2005

So much to do in life

Oh boy! Life is Soooooo damn wonderful! There are so many things to enjoy. But dammit, there's not enough time to enjoy it! And there are these lean periods in life that come once in a year - the damn exams! Exams always come when I am enjoying life the most!

But however, I am glad that I am able to spare time for blogging and reading others blogs.


blur said...

now u sound like ur 60

get a hold of urself

Manish said...

Look at the bright side (or bright picture)!
Exams come only once a year. :)

So Happy Clicking (yeah, and also blogging)!

manDArin said...

Time. Friggin. Exams. Friggin. Life. Friggin. Bugs also. Friggin.

Sudhir P said...

friggin buggy life filled with exams i guess! But its not aaaall that friggin. Im happy to have the freedom that i already have!