Monday, May 30, 2005

This strange irony called life

It was the day before that day..... which has become an important part of my history.... a day my grandchildren will probably hear abt (thats wayyyy in the future).

I was composing a li'l part of a song (even recorded it later). It was raining heavily! And the sky was glowing once in a while with flashes of lightning. I was there... sitting in the balcony... The roof was no shelter from the rain that rode on the strong winds. That day... I was all so happy... so curious... feeling glad about all the 'signs' that some friends told me about! I was excited! But... all that lasted only that night which bore pleasant dreams amidst the rumblings of thunder..... However... the next day was all bright and clear! It was cool inspite of being a summer noon! But... suddenly lightning struck! I was unsettled! Time moved on as my life went through the dark days... but, the weather was fine and bright throughout! Then.... when life is showing signs of recovery...... finally settling back....... There's lightning and thunder at the horizon!

Somehow..... I want it to stay this way...... with my mind clear and lightning striking around! But... am I being selfish?..... in wishing the whole world a turbulent time, JUST so that I am clear of it? Might be I am..... But I'll be of any use to the world, only if I'm totally out of troubled waters. Recently, memories resurfaced.... all those pleasant dreams.... which have turned into nightmares.... indications of trouble deep within me. So.... the world will have to face some troubled weather..... but, once settled, I assure that I'll come to their help and set things right... the trouble caused by all the thunder.

And yea... I decided I will never complete that song!

I see someone drawing a metaphor..... But dont take it too far!

Current Mood : A gentle mix of calm and regret
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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Live 'n kikkin

I'm back to life now! Thanks to a lot of words from someone. The words affected my attitude to almost everything that I had problems with! But however,.... in the process, I think I am feeling sorta guilty of ruining someone's appetite and sleep for 2 days. I wanted to escape my trouble and transferred it to someone! How damn rude of me! I'm still wondering how I can rectify the mess I've created! But, I'm sure I'll do my best! Coz, I dont wanna regret this all my life!

One thing I decided : Stay focussed on the academic stuff, for atleast quite a distance in the future! I wont get this time again!

So.... off i go.... to my books!

Current mood : live 'n kikkin (The title shud've been enuf)
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Solution to the riddle

Finally, I've decided to give out the solution. Dont kick ur own asses (or mine), coz its so simple. The message is carried in the last line. (That should have been obvious by looking at it). The first line is just an indicator that the letters should be rearranged. In the second line, 'the roman king' i.e. Caesar refers to the cipher I have used. Ppl who know abt the Caesar cipher know that you need to know the shift number. And that is denoted by Poseidon - Poseidon's trident. The third line is just to keep ppl busy tryin to get some cryptic meaning outta it. It does no help to crack the last line.

So,.... go ahead and decipher! Mind u, u wont get anything spectacular if u decipher the new riddle. Its the old one that had somethin mportant in it. I've tried to remove all traces of the old riddle, online. I know that the old one is up on one person's blog comments. I hope he will maintain it secret. (I know he will).

Current mood : Trying to recover..... (sorta successful so far)
Currently listening to : My heart will go on - Celine Dion

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I feel so much cared for...

I was sitting on the steps of the Planetarium at 9:30 in the morning. It was an hour before the lectures would start. I saw a friend approach. He had come all the way there inspite of his busy work, after reading my blog.... JUST to enquire what happened to me.... to know why i was heartbroken! At first... I thought he was joking.... Then I realized that he really meant it..... I felt so much cared for... inspite of the strange ironic circumstance (Right now... probably only two ppl apart from me can understand why it was ironic). Thanks a lot maan... I know u will read this.

Yet another thing happened... After i returned home... I see an old friend online on Y! messenger. He is not here in Bangalore now... So, the only way we communicate is phone(rarely) email and IM(often). He was there waitin in a cybercafe for me to come online... for 3 hrs.... after he came to know why I was heartbroken. Again.... I felt so much cared for...

I read all the comments on the post.... Everyone is so supportive.... even though many of 'em hardly even know me!

Inspite of felling heartbroken,.... I feel so much cared for.... Indeed.... the world is a nice place!

However,.... the only way out of my heartbroken state seems to be blogging, books and photography. I will try to be glued to 'em. It might sound a bit like Silas Marner getting obsessed with his loom and guineas... But I somehow dont pity him.... he was probably enjoying it!

Current mood : Still heartbroken, but yet trying to recover.
Currently listening to : Bhool Ja - Shaan

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Almost everyone is busy chattin with someone else
- I'm happy.

Seizing the moment, I try to gesture
- I'm curious

I hear something....
- I realize that a friend had told me of this, quite some time ago.
- My myopic thoughts couldn't see this coming.
- I'm heartbroken
- I'm almost crying.

Several graphs come up on the screen
- I'm heartbroken and still thinking abt it.

Even more graphs come up..... Nothing seems to enter my head.
- Heartbroken and still thinking

There's a huge discussion over the graphs
- Heartbroken and not thinking

Time to leave (finally). The long duration seemed shorter than to the others who were bored.
- Heartbroken and thinking

Boarded a bus home.
- Still thinking and heartbroken

Stopped by at the PaniPuri shop. The dahi-puri and Pani-puri tasted horrible, unlike usual.
- Still thinking and thinking of recovery

At home and in front of the puter
- Still thinking and heartbroken

A long post in my diary, and re-read old posts.
- Shattered! Heartbroken! Trying to think

Frying Chicken Kabab after a long period of no non-veg. (They say non veg is good for depression).
- Trying not to think and heartbroken

Back to the puter
- Heartbroken! plain heartbroken!

Apart from me, probably there's only one person who understands whats goin on. (Or the little extra few ones, to whom I informed!)

Current mood : Heartbroken! (as if the title didnt say it all)
Currently listening to : The inner voice telling me "The light at the other end of the tunnel is an incoming train"

Monday, May 23, 2005

Butterfly Hunting!

I attend a summer program at the planetarium here. Daily, I come an hour early and read some book or go hunting for pics. Sujay(the guy in the pic) , a new friend of mine, discovered that there are a lot of butterflies in a floral patch there. He came in early and started hunting for butterfly pics. I joined in shortly.

I tried a lot to take pics of the butterflies! But they would fly away, even before I turned my cam at them. So all I could do was to take pics of Sujay trying to shoot them. However, I learnt a few tricks and stuff and got luckier next day and caught loads of 'em on cam. The best pic of 'em all is on my photoblog.

Current mood : Cheerful
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Solutions postponed

The solution to the riddle has been postponed coz of ppl diving at it right now! It may be a few weeks from now!

Current Mood : Gloomy (got a cold) ***blows nose***
Current Music : Bhool Ja - Shaan

Sunday, May 15, 2005

post-exam blast

yayyyyyyy! Exams over. Life has just re-begun!

I did my math ok...... not anythin 2 b proud of. But I'm not eyeing the top in exams anyway.

It was Swaroop's B'day as well. So it was a combined blast. We(Vini, Goo, myself, Shivu) talked and talked and talked, ate and ate and drank(no no no, not what u r thinking!). Walked and walked and walked, as we chattered, until we went to the Mango Mandi. Trucks filled with mangoes were just pouring in. It was a huge place, which means - a lottt of mangoes, mangoes of a gazillion breeds. We bought a few kilos of 'em from there, a small fraction of the tonnes of tonnes hauled up there.

That is Shivu posing with a huge mango.

Then we went back to Swaroop's house and again partied a little. Gave him birthday bumps at last and we left home.

Reaching home, I ran to the comp, turned on the music and slept.

Woke up, blogged, and now I have to HURRY! All REAPmates are meeting today at the planetarium! Have to be there by 11.

Current mood : Partayyy!
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Friday, May 13, 2005

Last exam tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last exam! And its Partayyy time after that. Have a great summer planned up, followed by a great year. Waiting to lay hands on some books I've bought recently. Loads of activity to follow. Only one day separates me from all these!

I'm still not in mood for tomorrow's exam. Some music, lots of sleep and little dreams of days beyond tomorrow are all I have been able to sport so far. Hope that i will do my exam ok! I dont wanna score bigtime! But nevertheless, I dont wanna flunk, at least for the record that i havent flunked so far!

Current Mood: Calm..... yet sprinkled with some tension
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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bangalore - now a verb

In US slang, the term 'bangalored' refers to workers laid off because their jobs have moved to India. This word has been discussed recently in the Bangkok Post, the Times of India and other Asian newspapers. I did a google search on the term. Somewhere in the search results I saw a title - "Bangalore itself may be facing the threat of being ' Bangalored' ".
See more here

Current mood: Happy inspite of tomorrow's exams!
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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Sort of a special event. Shivu prompted me to blog about it. Todays date is 05/05/05. I know! I know! Its a wierd thing to do during ur exams - posting about dumb coincidences! Hey, but I do need a break in between! Howevwer I did click some photos. Will put em up soon!

Current Mood : Exams not yet over! Dreaming about 15th, for more than one reason
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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Firefox turns 50

Yeeha! Firefox crossed 50 million downloads! My previous post on firefox was made just a little before it crossed the mark. Its party time up there! And I'm strugglin with exams here! how unfair!

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Haloscan has been installed after much thinkin! I dunno how to show all the old comments. Or even how to back em all up. However, it'll be easy commenting from now on.