Thursday, February 10, 2005

Whoa! ..... I met a Nobel Laureate

This was in Nov if I'm right. Sir Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel laureate for chemistry (for his discovery of BuckyBalls along with Richard Smalley and another guy), had come to the Planetarium here (I go to a Research orientation course here). He was to give a talk on attitudes towards science and the like. He gave a very inspiring talk. I still remember his famous quote "My favourite chemical is my dog!", when a friend of mine asked him whether the buckyball was his favourite chemical. I have written down some of his quotes somewhere. Couldnt search it out for the blog.

After the lecture, when all of us students went to shake hands with him, something happened that I will remember the rest of my life. He spoke to ME! But, Alas!, not on anything technical. I had worn a shirt with a big Ferrari logo. When it was my turn to shake hands with him, he said looking at my shirt: "You have a Ferrari?"
I said, "No , Sir..."

"Well.... Win the Nobel prize and you can buy one!"


(Pauses for a while) "Oh! You cant buy a Ferrari with that! You'll have to kill the other two laureates!"

(Everyone laughs)

Well, I would be prouder, if we spoke on something else. But, If at all I DO win the Nobel Prize, I will certainly quote this incident in my Nobel speech.

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