Friday, November 25, 2005


I started a new Sci/tech blog along with Lakshmi yesterday. It will have posts on some discussions and will have a few science news kinda posts. Wanted something of the likes of Sray's Scithought, which he has discontinued for some reason. (I was an ardent fan of that blog. U'll see me on top of the commenters list). I dunno, whether we'll be able to make it as good as scithought, but will sure try.

Here's the link :

Friday, November 18, 2005

A wierd love story! (true one)

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anyone alive, dead or dying is purely intentional. (But plz dont sue me!). Some parts of the writing style have been borrowed without permission from Finch. (As in the Automobile Aiy-Ayyos) Dont sue me baby!

There's a beautiful, semi-tender, semi-rugged, non-geek, deeply emotional girl. I'll call her Beautiful Emotional Chick (BEC). There's this guy who is smart, logical and is termed a 'hunk' by many girls. I'll call him Logical Hunk(LH). There's this other jobless guy, who is a love failure, semi-geek, who had a half shot at being a long haired punk, but dropped the idea soon (Yep, thats me!). These are the prime characters of the story. Apart from that, there are quite a bunch of friends hangin around. (I'm a prime part, becoz, dammit, the narrator should be given some screen status!)

LH belongs to a semi-geek gang of friends(GG) (which includes me). BEC gets close to GG and hence with LH and me as well! (I know whatcha thinkin.... no! Its not a love triangle!). One fine day, BEC tells me that she has a deep crush on LH, but is afraid how he'll take it! I, being jobless of course, become the mediator. BEC proposes LH. LH, being logical, of course, keeps thinkin whether to say yes or no, based on pure logic. He tells situation to his dad and mom. Dad and mom get excited.....They accept her.... LH still thinking whether to say yes or no..... GG keeps tryin to tilt answer to 'yes'. LH still thinkin..... They finally go out on a date (That too on Dad's suggestion)... Things start moving. He says 'yes' a bit hesitantly.

LH doesnt have a cellphone. Dad keeps getting more BEC calls for LH than himself. Dad tired of it, and gets LH one. Call durations, sometimes go to 4 hrs per day. LH unable to eat food, sleep, talk, i.e. totally incapacitated. (not becoz of love, but becoz BEC keeps calling whenever he's upto anything). LH thinks he doesnt deserve BEC. BEC thinks she doesnt deserve LH. One fine day, on a date, when LH shows her the lab he's workin in, BEC is awestruck. Amidst this, LH says why he feels that he doesnt deserve her.

Next day, she calls him up, says that she cant continue dating him, because she felt that she didnt deserve him. LH says that its fine if she's breaking up. Both agree to be friends forever. BEC, being emotional, gets hurt by everything he then says, especially, the 'breaking-up' word. But, apparently stays firm on the stance that she doesnt deserve him. LH, being logical of course, proves logically that he has lost nothing. Shares his love story with me, over a coupla plates of Dahi puris and Pani puris (breakin-up party!), laughin at the funniest love story he has seen, and gets over the break-up even before he could realize.

And he planned to live happily ever after

Next day, I meet LH. BEC had called up and told that she didnt want to break up. She did all that only to make him experience the torture she had gone through, when he said that he didnt deserve her.

LH and myself, laugh our hearts out, when I said, "Hmm. So if she did all this to make u feel the torture she went thru...... she must have been laughin over panipuris"

Will update u with more as more shit is definitely to happen between the two. Meanwhile, I'll try to become a more integral part of the story, than just the narrator!

Best part of the story : I got the Dahi puris! A breakin-up party, even though they didnt break up!

Most important role : The geek gang(GG). Of course there's not enough fizz in love without someone to tease u

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