Monday, May 23, 2005

Butterfly Hunting!

I attend a summer program at the planetarium here. Daily, I come an hour early and read some book or go hunting for pics. Sujay(the guy in the pic) , a new friend of mine, discovered that there are a lot of butterflies in a floral patch there. He came in early and started hunting for butterfly pics. I joined in shortly.

I tried a lot to take pics of the butterflies! But they would fly away, even before I turned my cam at them. So all I could do was to take pics of Sujay trying to shoot them. However, I learnt a few tricks and stuff and got luckier next day and caught loads of 'em on cam. The best pic of 'em all is on my photoblog.

Current mood : Cheerful
Currently listening to : One man's dream - Yanni

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