Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Almost everyone is busy chattin with someone else
- I'm happy.

Seizing the moment, I try to gesture
- I'm curious

I hear something....
- I realize that a friend had told me of this, quite some time ago.
- My myopic thoughts couldn't see this coming.
- I'm heartbroken
- I'm almost crying.

Several graphs come up on the screen
- I'm heartbroken and still thinking abt it.

Even more graphs come up..... Nothing seems to enter my head.
- Heartbroken and still thinking

There's a huge discussion over the graphs
- Heartbroken and not thinking

Time to leave (finally). The long duration seemed shorter than to the others who were bored.
- Heartbroken and thinking

Boarded a bus home.
- Still thinking and heartbroken

Stopped by at the PaniPuri shop. The dahi-puri and Pani-puri tasted horrible, unlike usual.
- Still thinking and thinking of recovery

At home and in front of the puter
- Still thinking and heartbroken

A long post in my diary, and re-read old posts.
- Shattered! Heartbroken! Trying to think

Frying Chicken Kabab after a long period of no non-veg. (They say non veg is good for depression).
- Trying not to think and heartbroken

Back to the puter
- Heartbroken! plain heartbroken!

Apart from me, probably there's only one person who understands whats goin on. (Or the little extra few ones, to whom I informed!)

Current mood : Heartbroken! (as if the title didnt say it all)
Currently listening to : The inner voice telling me "The light at the other end of the tunnel is an incoming train"

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