Friday, April 01, 2005

Do the Dew!

The grass in all its splendor, with the morning dew scattering light into my blog. This was taken at Hoskote, after the night long masti and philosophy. These are mems I will cherish forever


Sita said...

It just looks so.. calm..

manDArin said...

It would've been friggin' awesome if you had a grasshopper or a praying mantis or some other insect-bug thingy in the picture. It would show how irrelevant we all are in Nature's perspective.

Or it would just make for a really very cool picture.

Sudhir P said...

Well, it was a very bug-free place. By the time i would find one, ther would be no dew!

By the way, the bugs arent needed to show the insignificance of us mortals in front of nature