Saturday, July 23, 2005

Staring at flies walk!

Yup! Thats what Im doin these days! Staring at walking patterns of Drosophila. Its part of my job here. U might be wondering why I'm studying 'walking' patterns of a 'fly'? Well, the Drosophila genome is very well studied, and since my work involves genetic stuff, it IS important to use one with a smal, convenient and well understood genome. There are other perks in using such stuff. For example, I dont want the flies to fly off. U may say, 'cut the wings'. But we do something easier. With a well studied genome, and well studied mutants, we breed mutants that cant fly (becoz of curled wings!).

Although the work now seems to be boring of sorts, but it will get interesting soon! The ppl here are nice and friendly! My Prof is a very lively person. So is my semi-guide semi-coworker : Neha. Having a nice time here, although, before being assigned a project here, I dreamed of being assigned somewhere else.

Whatever, the net connexn here is fast! It gives 2 Mbps at this time. So, was playing around with Google Earth(best used with a high speed connection). It is really cool. Its a free download. I had tried 'Keyhole', an earlier version of it, before it became free. Google Earth is the buzz around here 2day.

Current Mood : Not too good, not too bad!
Currently listening to : The weird noises in the lab, as in the previous post, but envying Neha sitting next to me, listening to music with headphones, that too from the comp I'm using!

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