Saturday, May 28, 2005

Solution to the riddle

Finally, I've decided to give out the solution. Dont kick ur own asses (or mine), coz its so simple. The message is carried in the last line. (That should have been obvious by looking at it). The first line is just an indicator that the letters should be rearranged. In the second line, 'the roman king' i.e. Caesar refers to the cipher I have used. Ppl who know abt the Caesar cipher know that you need to know the shift number. And that is denoted by Poseidon - Poseidon's trident. The third line is just to keep ppl busy tryin to get some cryptic meaning outta it. It does no help to crack the last line.

So,.... go ahead and decipher! Mind u, u wont get anything spectacular if u decipher the new riddle. Its the old one that had somethin mportant in it. I've tried to remove all traces of the old riddle, online. I know that the old one is up on one person's blog comments. I hope he will maintain it secret. (I know he will).

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