Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Blogging and Happy Clicking

Yep! I'm doin as Manish said. And I'm not frigged by life or exams! I love to do a last moment slog. But I sorta hate it when it comes in way of my joy! Anyway, to keep with my joy, I'll follow up with some pics soon. I'll start preparin for my exams probly from 16th. (Wow! I love my life! Not many can afford to enjoy this much b4 exams). I'm startin a li'l earlier than last year, coz i didnt attend many classes, nor did i listen to anythin in the classes that I attended! (Busy with some more important stuff u see!). Anyway, Apr 29th is a long way ahead!


Manish said...


Well, I should be the first person to comment on this post.

You could have used some hyperlinks in this post. :)
(a little publicity is always helpful, hehe)

Exams are one of the things which I never liked. (I can write a whole essay on why the Indian education system sucks.)

And I really like people who live their own life. So do your own thing.

Best of luck! And cheeers!!!

Sudhir P said...

@Manish: Ok. I get what u said. Check the sidebar!

Manish said...

Thanks for the link. :)