Sunday, May 15, 2005

post-exam blast

yayyyyyyy! Exams over. Life has just re-begun!

I did my math ok...... not anythin 2 b proud of. But I'm not eyeing the top in exams anyway.

It was Swaroop's B'day as well. So it was a combined blast. We(Vini, Goo, myself, Shivu) talked and talked and talked, ate and ate and drank(no no no, not what u r thinking!). Walked and walked and walked, as we chattered, until we went to the Mango Mandi. Trucks filled with mangoes were just pouring in. It was a huge place, which means - a lottt of mangoes, mangoes of a gazillion breeds. We bought a few kilos of 'em from there, a small fraction of the tonnes of tonnes hauled up there.

That is Shivu posing with a huge mango.

Then we went back to Swaroop's house and again partied a little. Gave him birthday bumps at last and we left home.

Reaching home, I ran to the comp, turned on the music and slept.

Woke up, blogged, and now I have to HURRY! All REAPmates are meeting today at the planetarium! Have to be there by 11.

Current mood : Partayyy!
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