Monday, June 18, 2007

Sangama-Galibore-Muthathi trek (Jun 16-17 2007)

This trek was through some easy hills n valleys and some portion along the banks of river cauvery. It suited more of a romantic outing than a trek (we could have done it harder by doing some more hills). We did not follow the usual travellers' route (as usual!). We also camped at night in the jungle on a hill (Photos not taken during the 'interesting' night). The most beautiful part of the trek was the view from the riverbanks: hills flanking the river all the way through.

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Also, we had great fun discussing physics and mathematics throughout the journey. And especially the new technique by srikanth called 'reductio contradictum' i.e. The proof of the conjecture is "contradict me".

Credits: Some of the excellent pictures here were taken by srik.

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