Saturday, June 30, 2007

On all wierd things

Richard Feynman was a GENIUS. He understood both - Quantum Mechanics AND girls.

I can understand neither! :(

And i've given up hope to learn. Atleast the latter.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Life, the Universe and Everything

..... Life sucks.... the Universe is annoyingly unknown and large.... and Everything is crap....

Hold on..... the universe is unknown and large..... Hmmm....

But, what if all that i percieve is just a stupid dream of some giant almighty cosmic dreamer? (Or a tiny powerles bloody useless good-for-nothing shitty cosmic dreamer either)... Or the saga of the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or something that our thoughts were designed not to comprehend?

WTF(What the fisherman)..... If its a dream, I am still a part, pointless, but yeah, still a part. So, hangin in there until the bubble bursts..... But, there seems to be some disgusting sense of uselessness, which tells me to end it all. Go ahead! Burst the bubble urself! Why wait for it like most others do. Am a bit too curious to find out what happens when the bubble bursts.....

But, then if i do that, I'll becomne wat i despise - A ditcher, ditching whoever has cared for me in this dream. I may not care a damn.... But, im not selfish either..... I'll hang in there until there's no one who needs me to hang in there. (Except for my bro of course, cos he is a useless wierdo psycho like me, sharing similar thoughts about everything)..... Yet, im still curious abt the bursting.....

Hmmmmmmmmm....... it seems inviting....... But hey wait! Im not a ditcher! But does all this even matter anymore after the bubble bursts? Why wait? .... hmmmmmm......

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Tissue paper revisited

Tissue paper is wet with its own tears.

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Tissue paper

Suffocated.... Apparent gush of air, but mere hallucination...... Then choked to death!

Its amazing wat emotions some species of tissue paper can have, inspite of its sole use being to wipe off tears n dust, and then happily be thrown away.

However, there were nice times too, when the fragile tissue paper was handled with care. But now, all that care has turned useless in the tiny bits that its torn into.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sangama-Galibore-Muthathi trek (Jun 16-17 2007)

This trek was through some easy hills n valleys and some portion along the banks of river cauvery. It suited more of a romantic outing than a trek (we could have done it harder by doing some more hills). We did not follow the usual travellers' route (as usual!). We also camped at night in the jungle on a hill (Photos not taken during the 'interesting' night). The most beautiful part of the trek was the view from the riverbanks: hills flanking the river all the way through.

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Also, we had great fun discussing physics and mathematics throughout the journey. And especially the new technique by srikanth called 'reductio contradictum' i.e. The proof of the conjecture is "contradict me".

Credits: Some of the excellent pictures here were taken by srik.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Dopamine 2

Two souls waiting to be one,
But trapped in bodies staying far across.
In yestermonths, days of fun,
Now, its recollections are the only solace.

Events flow by... days fly,
In trying to find an alternative joy

Suffocated with want,
The world seems a continuous blur
Thirsty for love,
In this halllucianted stir

Events flow by... days fly,
Still longing for the same days to live by.....

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Freakend getaway - Nandi (Apr 21 2007)

Workload low...... weekend approaching....... Some freak neurons in my head start firing....... I plan to go cycling to Nandi hills (from hometown Bangalore)....... A colleague says she wansa come too..... Route all checked on wikimapia, including pitstops on the way......

Everything packed...... 10 30 pm..... Just about to catch some sleep in the lab ..... People talk colleague out of it, scaring her with facts.... "Do you know how far it is? Its 50 kms from here? 100 kims to and fro! In one day, by cycle?!"..... I get pissed.... She is still in half mind to come..... But I finally call the trek off.... Or so the others thought....

Next day, 5 am, I start off from NCBS alone, with only 2.8 litres of water, and 1 litre of Gatorade, as fluids. I knew I'd need more, but planned to get them on the way.... It was still dark.... Apart from a few trucks that zoomed across, the six lane road was completely empty.... The air damp with yesternite's rains...... I tread slowly, due to lack of light and pools of water on the road at some places..... I go on cycling for an hour like this.... dawn breaks.... the clouds at the eastern horizon get a red tinge.

I cycle a bit further..... I get cramps in my leg..... I halt for a break..... Used a cramp relieving spray,,,,, Im contemplating whether i can do it..... "If i get cramps this early on the trek, I am defintely not going to make it"....... I do a routine check on all my belongings..... I figure I've lost my wallet...... I begin to feel that things arent goiung well.... Half mind, or rather 3/4th mind of heading back......

Talk to myself..... "C'mon boy, don chicken out! Its all still do-able.... Nothing has happened that will prevent u from finishing the trek (I had some spare cash distributed elsewhere, apart from my wallet). Go ahead! At least to Devanhalli (which is around halfway) and then decide..... I go ahead....... Amazing road.....

I cycle ahead..... I reach Devanahalli with full spirit..... Milestone reads 'Nandi 22 km'...... "When i've come this far, why not all the way?".... Little bouts of stopping for buying fluid food (bottled mango juice a.k.a maaza), water and also air for the tyres....... Long and tiring period of cycling, when the summer sun is roasting me..... At last the foot of the hill..... 8 kms to the top, through the winding roads.... Cant pedal uphill, pushing the cycle instead...... The heat is tiring..... no cloud cover at all.... Reach the top around 12 noon..... Im tired, yet happy about myself....... I overhear some ppl talking about 'the guy who came here by cycle'...... I feel proud too!

Girlfriend calls...... blasts me for half an hour for doing this..... 12:30....... I scan around the hillscape..... The view didnt live upto my expectations...... Some rest and 1 litre of mango juice(my lunch) later, i head to take my cycle...... Someone has let the air out of my rear tyre..... The pride felt a while ago is now lost, as i see the bigger scheme..... Someone offers to fill air for a price of Rs.10.... I have twenty bucks with me..... I have no choice however........ I buy the expensive hill air for my tyres.......

The descent delayed due to the incident, I head down at good speed....... Amazing hairpin bends....... Finally some cloud cover as well..... Enjoying the air hitting my face...... Plonk!....... Scrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeech........ My cycle is skidding down the slope..... hairpin a little ahead..... I see metal under the tyre rubbinng on the road....... Still struggliong to slow down...... "Has my tyre come off? And is that metal underneath, the wheel rim?"...... "Will i have to push the cycle all the way back?"...... I somehow manage to stop without falling after around a 30m skid.... I see that my mudguard is the metal that's under my tyre.... But how did the mudguard get under my tyre?..... Probably, the mudgard fell off, onto the ground, however still connected at the sides, then dragged by the tyre up, and rammed in the region where the breakes and stuff are..... I try pulling the mudguard out..... Stuck hard... Not coming out.....

Contrary to Melchizedek in The Alchemist, I feel "If u really want to do something with full determination, the whole world conspires against u achieving it"

All i need is a spanner to loosen the nuts holding the mudguard and ease it out...... "why the !#$@ dint i get my toolkit?"....... I try stoppin vehicles goin by....... Most dont bother to notice (After all why would anyone wanna be bothered on a picnic)...... A few stopped, but either dint have their toolkit, or dint have the right spanner..... I lose time..... I lose hope...... "I cant even drag it in this state!"...... I still try nudging the mudguard out....... Slow progress....... I've given up on tryin to stop vehicles...... Anyway, i use my brains instead of my muscles, and make slow progress..... Meanwhile, a coupla guys stop over and offer help..... They have the spanner i need.... they help me out....... Mudguard removed and chucked..... back brakes non-functional..... I thank them, and all of us are back on our own ways........... Amazing hairpins......... at last the foot of the hill.......

The guys who helped me out, triumphantly holdin the mudguard

A tiresome and uneventful, yet semi-scenic journey upto devanhalli......... I discover that the air in my rear tyre is very low, but not dangerously low........ I decide that i can manage it till the end....... I go ahead..... Empty my 10 remaining bucks on tea at multiple points on the way..... Now have absolutely zero cash on me...... I still cycle ahead.... cycling gets harder and harder.... I feel a repeated bump when im cycling..... I stop.... i see that the air has gone real low, and theres a wheelbend...... Around 20 kms more to go......... I push it on the level roads and the ups..... cycling on the downs....... At last reach the lab at 8pm with a badly disfigured rear wheel........ toatally exhausted....... but extremely happy.....

Moral of the story: The most expensive way to get to Nandi from bangalore is by cycle. Well, i spent around Rs.500 (excluding wat i lost w my wallet) for food, electrolytes, water and repairs.

On a more serious note: "If u really want to do something with full determination, the whole world conspires against u achieving it". But, if you are still determined enough, you can still achieve it!

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Yedakumari rail trek (27th and 28th Apr 2007)

Also pronounced/misspelt as yedukumeri, edukumeri etc.

A beautiful rail route through the western ghats in karnataka. An interesting beginer's trek

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CAUTION: For the novice trekker.... There are trains running in this route now, as evident from the pics here. Be careful at the bridges when th trains are comin. And you will need permission from the forest dept to go downhill from edakumeri. The rules are gretting stricter after a few recent incidents

Thadiyandamol again (29 & 30 Dec 2006)

Looking at the pics taken during the trek i went to Thadiandamol with ncbs friends, Srikanth and Goo thought we could go on a more hardcore trek through the jungle laden route to scale Thadiyandamol. Also, we stayed on top of the hill overnight, for a chilling experience. We got down the next day and went to Irpu falls (which is more than 50 kms away), for a refreshing power bath.

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Being able to go behind the waterfall was a unique experience. And even more so, was when standing right below it. The force of the water is such that, u will feel that there are many people pounding you. Unfortunately, i could not take photos that captured these experiences. All i could do is a take a pic of it in all its glory.

BR Hills (Aug 4 2005)

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This was a trip a bunch of us went out moer than a year back. It was just a one day trip. But it was packed with fun.

Thadiandamol trek (26 Nov 2006)

Ok. At last, i am not too late on this one. This was a really fun trek. There was no hard climbin or anythin to do. Just walk till the top. But, it wasw a long walk uphill, tiring us out completely. But, as usual, it was worth it all, as we reached the top. I missed out on many possible nice pics, as i had run out of batteries. But still, there are enough pics to represent most of the portions of the trek. The only parts greatly missed out, is the patch of forest we walked through, and cloud patches we walked out as we walked downhill.

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There are other blogs givin directions to go up, so i dint bother to put it up here

Savandurga Trek (June 4 2006)

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Again, sorry for a very late update of my trek. This was the trek i went along with a bunch of my friends back in June. We climbed Savandurga, through the unrthodox route going through the greener parts, which is a harder climb than the usual route taken by tourists. Overall, it was a really exhausting and fun trek.

Hessarghatta cycling trek (March 31 2006)

A regrettably very late update on the cycling trek to Hessarghatta. But better late than never.

Click on the play button to view the slideshow. Descriptions are given at the bottom, and also if u move ur mouse over the photo