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I've been tagged by Sangeeta (probably a million years ago!) Sorry for the late reply.
So here goes!

Warning: Majority of the books I recommend are for ppl into Physics. So dont buy it and curse me if u go and buy something, and dont like it.

Total number of books I own:
100-120. This includes technical books, but not textbooks.

Total number of books given to others and never came back:
10-15. I was very much pissed off for the books I didnt get back. But now, I'm sorta fine with it, after looking at Sangeeta's figures.

Total number of e-books:
4169 (That is 2.94 GB) Whoa! will I ever be able read all of 'em?!?!. Btw, thanks to Hari (Srihari Srinivasan) for all the eBooks.(Or else the number would be something like 5 or 6!)

Last book I bought:
The Tao of Physics : Fritjof Capra
There's a history behind this one. I was reading the review of 'Road to Reality - Roger Penrose' on Slashdot. Many commenters spoke of 'The Tao of Physics". I added it to my mental wishlist. Then, months later (which is like a week ago from now), I was reading "In search of Schrodinger's cats" in class.(Yea! I dont listen to the lectures, I read my own books. I sit in class for attendance!). The guy sitting next to me (not so interested in Physics) asked for my book. He glanced through the introduction. The author had mentioned the "Tao of Physics" book somewhere. It caught his eye, especially because he didn't know what 'Tao' meant. Then a coupla days ahead, he saw the book in some book mound (Books piled up on the streets). He called me up and asked me whether I wanted it. I said yes, inspite of some budget problems. But he haggled it to within my budget (I got it for Rs.70!)

Last book I was gifted:
QED:Richard Feynman (Awesome book for anyone with some inclination to Physics, to know more about Quantum Electrodynamics) gifted by my friends.
Surely You're joking Mr. Feynman - Feynman. (A must read for anyone. The autobiography of this eccentric and remarkable Physicist. A very humorous read) gifted by my bro
These were gifted on my B'day

Last book I read:
In search of Schrodinger's cat - John Gribbin
This was another awesome read. It deals with Quantum mechanics, and also its philosophical consequences. It is a popular level book. The only equation he has used in the main part of the book is E=hv. So, ppl with only slight interests in gretting into the math, can also read it.

Currently reading:
Schrodinger's Kittens - John Gribbin
Sequel to the previous book.

Five books that mean a lot to me:
FivePointSomeone - It sort of changed my life, due to some not so obvious reasons.
Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman - Feynman is sorta what I wanna be like. Fun loving and full masti character, but yet a very good physicist, and one of the best physics teachers the planet has seen. His autobiography is one thing that will inspire me lifelong.
The Feynman lectures on Physics(3 Vols) - It gives a total different perspective of all the Physics I've learnt. With Physics lying deep in my heart, this is one important series.
Famous Five :Treasure Island - This was the first novel I read. I read it about 5 to 6 times by the time I was in 8th. I simply loved it as a kid. But alas, it went into some kabaadi store, thanks to mom.
In search of Schrodinger's cat - The philosophical implications of QM has been beautifully portrayed. And it has had a deep impact on my views of the world.

Book that made zero sense to me:
College Physics - SundarRajan, Syed Azeez, George Thomas.
Talking abt zero sense?!?! This makes negative sense! This is our textbook for college! Damn! I could write a whole blog cribbing abt it! However, I will provide just one excerpt from it
"When a body gains heat energy, it becomes relatively colder". Mind you, the book is full of such crap like y=bx/a, (where a & b are parameters) is the equation of a pair of lines. (In treatment of lissajous figures) It is full of makeshift faulty proofs. And dammit, we should reproduce these in the exam! ok. I said 'one excerpt', but sorry, couldnt stop!

OK, so thats it with the tag! If anyone is willing to be tagged, leave a comment.

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