Friday, April 15, 2005


Was reading SF's blog! She had this wonderful 'mutilation' of Shelley's words. It brings so much hope in an exam stricken life of a student.

Here it goes - "If the exams are here, can holidays be far behind?"

Wow! I remember some such college related statements that were engraved on the benches of our colleges

Some flowers deeply engraved, as if it were a tombstone "In memory of all those who died trying to survive the class"

"Life is precious....... Do not waste it in class!"

There were more, Im not able to remember all of 'em! But neWay, there'll be this SF thing on some benches soon! I request SF not to sue me for copyright violations! See its a trade for publicity. I'll even put ur blog-url beside it.


Manish said...

Reminds were to begin studying for your exams from today.
So...I guess no more clicking...and sometimes blogging.
And lots of eating.
Best of Luck!


Sudhir P said...

I HAVE started reading for the exam. But that aint preventin me from clikkin, bloggin and eatin!

YeeHa! I LLLLLLLLuv my life! (Hope that will last even after the results come!)

Sqrl/NT said...

exams!!! everyone has them.. no one wants them... i also have a huge one coming up in a months time.. and i am SO not prepared!!!

Sudhir P said...

All the best! for all the exam stricken lives (which includes me!)

Hey Sqrl, There is ONE WHOLE MONTH! Its all how u look at the half full glass!

Sangeeta said...

I was appearing for this exam and this line was writen on almost all the desks..'in memory of all those who died waiting for the bell to ring'
was going to make a post on this..but u got there b4 me..:P

Thanks for visiting my world..

Sudhir P said...

I think u should encourage such creativiity amongst ur kids!

Finch, Scout said...

*full blesh caming*

aiyyo, copyright violation no prablem.

infact, its joint copyright. the author, unfortunately, thought Shelley sucked (pity!). this spewing was a combined product of her scorn and my adoration.

nevertheless, apt for the season!

Sudhir P said...

Good! I have an english exam 2morrow! The right theme for the benches. It will set the mood!