Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Busy yet interesting times!

Recent times have been fully pressurizing, special thanks to Vinay, who constantly keeps reminding me to prepare for the entrance exams coming this year. Even apart from academics, there are issues troubling me. I heard about 'someone's ' decision, and am totally shocked, especially because I'm guilty of probably being one of the causes.

Recently, all (almost all) of the REAPmates met to discuss about their respective projects. Figured out that many of 'em are having undoo-fundoo projects. Only me and Adi (Arcane Crapper) were placed at NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences). But, even he managed to get a non-bio project. He got to choose between stuff on AFMs (Atomic Force Microscopes) and stuff in non-linear optics. Dammit! I'm the only one with a bio project - "Genetic inheritance of neuronal networks". Although the name looks snazzy, I would easily love something more in Physics. Whatever! The other REAPmates (except Goo) actually hate biology. So, I guess I was the only person left to choose it. (The selections were made probably on previous year's performance. But, did I perform sssssssssooooo bad? I dont think so!)

Whatever, I'm an optimist as u know! This oppurtunity has certainly introduced diversity into my skills. The work is interesting., and there is plenty to learn. Moreover, its a happening area. So, I seriously hope for (and foresee) a great time here.

And yea, my net connexn will be back in a week. After a lot of debate and thought, we opted for BSNL DataOne. So, u will see more posts soon!

Right now, I'm posting this from NCBS. Its 2:45 am (The timestamp on each post in my blog is accurate) and I'm slowly begining to feel drowzy. Wondering what I'm doin up this late? Well... I was doin some expts here, none of 'em came out well! Then, I started to write my Physics practical record. Mood worsened. Went out on a stroll, had a coupla burgers (Thanks to Harsha's warnings of midnight hunger). Came back, started writing again. Mood worsened. Here I am, blogging!
Current mood : zzzzzZZZZZZZz! $%@#$@$% Huh!! @#$@#!$ What?!?!!?
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