Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Photoblog!

I have decided to make a dedicated photoblog. Some of u already know abt it! This post is for those who havent reached here through my profile or those who dont look into the sidebar.

Here's the link :

This doznt mean that there wont be photos here. Its only that there wil be loads and loads of photos there, and loads of jib-jab here.

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Get Firefox!

I have been using IE, Firefox and Opera. Of all the ones, although Opera seems to be faster, firefox seems to be most friendly and easy to use. The only reason why i stuck to IE previously was bcoz of the google toolbar which was available only for IE. And those who are using IE for the same reason, u can download googlebar from And unlike opera it is totally free and minus the ads and stuff. for those of u who dont know, firefox and Opera support tabbed browsing (to which I am addicted to now!).

I recently went around to some cybercafes here. All of them hsve firefox instead of IE. And I was surprised - coz the cybercafes out here are slow upgraders. (Some have win 95 win 98 and dont even have winzip! or any zippin utility).

This is a graph of the browser share of ppl visiting my blog. 42% is a good share. Do i see IE declining?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Riddle changed

Heyall !

The purpose of the puzzle was to send a message to someone. The message has reached the intended person. So, I deleted the message as it served its primary purpose. But, since many of u have come here for the puzzle (thanks to me agreeing to the lady who is slowly getting bald), I changed the puzzle and posted it; which will no longer give a hint to an aspect of my life or anything, but still is something to be solved. Here is the modified one:

O Draconian Devil!
Posiedon hands the key to the Roman king.
Together they read:
"glow 2b 2ryx 2v 2h!!"

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yahoo 360

YeeHa! I've now got a Yahoo 360 account! You can see my 360 blog here. Its features are kinda nice! But i dunno whether i shud dump blogger for it. I feel blogger is kinda more blogger friendly. But yahoo 360 is more complete. Whatever, i'll use both now and dump one of the two in the future.

Leave me comments if u want invites! (That way, u'll be on my friends list)

Friday, April 15, 2005


Was reading SF's blog! She had this wonderful 'mutilation' of Shelley's words. It brings so much hope in an exam stricken life of a student.

Here it goes - "If the exams are here, can holidays be far behind?"

Wow! I remember some such college related statements that were engraved on the benches of our colleges

Some flowers deeply engraved, as if it were a tombstone "In memory of all those who died trying to survive the class"

"Life is precious....... Do not waste it in class!"

There were more, Im not able to remember all of 'em! But neWay, there'll be this SF thing on some benches soon! I request SF not to sue me for copyright violations! See its a trade for publicity. I'll even put ur blog-url beside it.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Bugs are the IN thing in blogs these days! Wanted some arthropod acquainted to me , to be up here in the blogosphere.

There are ppl writing poems to spiders, wanting to make movies abt them. Well, I should atleast be there somewhrere with atleast a pic.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Feels so damn nice today!

Was writing code morning to noon. Got stuck up. Thought that the day is really goin bad. Then after noon, though I was listening to my Bro's plans and arguing back, I just dozed off. It began to rain when I woke up for tea. I then went back and dozed again, coz I didnt wanna risk the puter, as the power could go crazy, when its raining. (My friend's{Its another damn Aditya} UPS was all fumes recently when the transformer nearby went ka-Boom! during the rain).

The atmosphere was already so good, with the fresh moist smell of the rain. But it got better as thoughts poured in...... about my life ahead........ and when to start hunting for a soulmate. Then I woke up to watch some TV. Saw 'Phenomenon' on Star Movies. Damn good movie. Im feelin so nice after that. The cinematography, the direction, the subttleties, everythin is wonderful. The story touched me and Im feelin so much more nicer, and alive-er (no its not like livelier).

I feel that, all I want in life is a soulmate who's loving and carin enough, and who matches my frequencies. (I'll also need some cash to stay alive. But I know that I can earn enough). Its such a hard thing to find someone matching ur frequencies. But, I feel I'll somehow find someone in the near future.
Wish me luck!

Too many Adityas

I dunno why there are so many Adityas and Aruns (and Vinays too). Whenever I'm speakin about an Aditya or Arun, the listener always mistakes it to be the Aditya I'm not intending. (The Aruns and Vinays are more manageable)

Happy Blogging and Happy Clicking

Yep! I'm doin as Manish said. And I'm not frigged by life or exams! I love to do a last moment slog. But I sorta hate it when it comes in way of my joy! Anyway, to keep with my joy, I'll follow up with some pics soon. I'll start preparin for my exams probly from 16th. (Wow! I love my life! Not many can afford to enjoy this much b4 exams). I'm startin a li'l earlier than last year, coz i didnt attend many classes, nor did i listen to anythin in the classes that I attended! (Busy with some more important stuff u see!). Anyway, Apr 29th is a long way ahead!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

So much to do in life

Oh boy! Life is Soooooo damn wonderful! There are so many things to enjoy. But dammit, there's not enough time to enjoy it! And there are these lean periods in life that come once in a year - the damn exams! Exams always come when I am enjoying life the most!

But however, I am glad that I am able to spare time for blogging and reading others blogs.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Arun, vini, Goo, Shivu and myself were walkin along the lake at Lalbagh. discussing our lives, before Arun had to leave to Bellary

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The burning Phoenix of light

This is a reflection of light from a CD, which has some weird focussing action like a zone-plate. It looks like the Phoenix as in 'Age of Mythology'

Friday, April 01, 2005

Do the Dew!

The grass in all its splendor, with the morning dew scattering light into my blog. This was taken at Hoskote, after the night long masti and philosophy. These are mems I will cherish forever

Ajji koodlu

Ajji Koodlu (meaning grandma's hair) is what we call this special kinda flower, that is resting on Bhavana's hand. This was taken at Hoskote. This brings back memories of the stories tied to the 'Ajji koodlu', when we were kids. It makes more and more memorable moments as time goes on.

Through the sproutin plantain leaf

My mom used to take good care of the plantain (trees?) in our garden. This is the first new sprouting leaf, after the incident

Hosakote trip

Well, I got raelly tired writing about the Kavalur trip. But abt the Hoskote trip, I dont have the time to write every damn thing abt it. But, to say it all, it was another memorable trip. u can see the photos at under Hoskote trip.

It was a pleasaant evening when we arrived there. After unloading our luggage, we went roaming into what seemed to be a Eucalyptus farm (or was it?). We went quite a small distance, and then decided to turn back, as we were to meet the person by name Padmakar Parihar(Yeah! I still remember) who would explain about the telescope. The telescope was in Laddakh, and was controlled from Hoskote.

Although his accent was quite illegible at start, we could follow him soon. He went quite elaborate in his discussions. He used the word 'Grism' a zillion times in the talk. I thought that it was his way of mis-pronouncing Prism. But it actually turned out to be that there is indeed something called a Grism- Grating+Prism.

Some supernova tracking was going on at that time. So we were asked to come at 12 midnight to take our observations. So we went out into something that looked like an amphitheater. Many demonstrated their yoga skills, until it got all boring, and we decided to lay truth or dare. All of us chose truth. And all of em were damn boring (which includes me). Then round 2 was dare, coz none chose dare in round 1. Suhas had this dare, that he had to verbally offend everyone, there. Aditya got offended a zillion times over (easy prey!). He really tried hard to offend Amrita and Rohit. But, it wasnt easy. Goo was kinda easy! (He just kept on saying the f-word a zillion times when speakin to him. And thats all that was required).

Adi ha dto climb the communications tower, (it was a dare, considering the fact that he was acrophobic). Then comes the interestin part. Adi dared Rohit to kiss Amrita's feet, on the soles. (This is a different Amrita from the one I mentioned in an earlier post). Rohit first hesitated telling "I can do it man, but the taste is a problem". Suhas darts back, "Oh! so u plan to use ur tongue also?". Instead of feeling offended, he joined in our loud laughter (Tough luck Suhas!). Rohit finally did it.

A few more meaningless dares and few attempts of Suhas later,we had to go to the control room. Our slot was postponed to 3:00 am. We waited, did our work and went to one of our rooms.

Suhas started to talk about the non-existence of a moral in the story of Edipus and blah blah blah. Only few were interested. Then we slowly went on to philosophy. Amrita being so philosophically minded was a real shocker to me!

Adi and Goo went to sleep. The rest of us continued discussions ALL NIGHT! Then we dispersed to do our daily morning activities. I had my bath, and went out to take a few pics Then I realized that I had forgotten to brush (this happens quite oft these days). Came back to finish my unfinished jobs.

Then, I realize that the rift between Bhavana and Adi got deeper. Probably, that fellow justkept on pissin her off. He never knows to draw the line. She was so damn uspet, that she wanted to go home! (its quite strange, considering the fact that she hates home). Well, I think she takes everythin too seriously as well.

Wait, this is getting too long. So lets cut it short here......... Everyone went back home (sleeping in the Qualis) and lived happily ever after.