Sunday, April 10, 2005

Feels so damn nice today!

Was writing code morning to noon. Got stuck up. Thought that the day is really goin bad. Then after noon, though I was listening to my Bro's plans and arguing back, I just dozed off. It began to rain when I woke up for tea. I then went back and dozed again, coz I didnt wanna risk the puter, as the power could go crazy, when its raining. (My friend's{Its another damn Aditya} UPS was all fumes recently when the transformer nearby went ka-Boom! during the rain).

The atmosphere was already so good, with the fresh moist smell of the rain. But it got better as thoughts poured in...... about my life ahead........ and when to start hunting for a soulmate. Then I woke up to watch some TV. Saw 'Phenomenon' on Star Movies. Damn good movie. Im feelin so nice after that. The cinematography, the direction, the subttleties, everythin is wonderful. The story touched me and Im feelin so much more nicer, and alive-er (no its not like livelier).

I feel that, all I want in life is a soulmate who's loving and carin enough, and who matches my frequencies. (I'll also need some cash to stay alive. But I know that I can earn enough). Its such a hard thing to find someone matching ur frequencies. But, I feel I'll somehow find someone in the near future.
Wish me luck!


Chuck said...

Wishing you all the luck, peace, happiness and love in the world. Happy hunting for your soulmate.

Sudhir P said...

Gee Thanks.

There will be more posts on this soon!