Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mom, Hope u'll remember all the good days and forget the bad ones.

Yesterday morning (around 6:30 AM here), I was busy writing my Chemistry Practical Record. I was preparing for my mock prac exam. My dad came upstairs and told me that Mom didnt sleep at all that night and he prepared some juice for her around 5 AM, after which she went to sleep. (She was extremely sick recently). Then he too went to sleep. He woke up at around 6:15 and saw her sleeping in a weird posture across the bed. So, he came upstairs and told me about all this. He told that we shall wake her up a little later if she is still in that posture. We agreed.

Then a little later, my bro and myself went to see what weird posture she was sleeping in.
We decided to lift her and place her in a proper position. We then tried to wake her up. She didnt respond. She usually has problems of hypoglycemia., so we that it was just another spell of it. Her body was warm, so we did not have much suspicion. But since she was a cardiac patient, we simply decided to listen to her heartbeat. We didnt hear any. The fridge was making some noise. We turned it off, so that we could hear the heartbeat clearer. But.... There was no heartbeat yet. We were shocked and called dad. He checked too, and he said,"She's gone". We called our family doc. She confirmed that she was dead.

And from then on, we have her no more......

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Exams approaching!

My preparatory exams are on 21st Feb. I havent prepared at all. Nor have I attended all the classes. Guess I'll have to do a last minute zoom through. The thing is that I have more interesting and more important things to do now.

I have recently derived an equation for the motion of the 'uphill cone'. I'll have to experimentally verify this. I'm still making the apparatus components. And, I'm just waiting to verify my results.

I have to do the problems to be submitted at REAP (A research course at the Planetarium here). The problems are good. But, I dont know to solve em yet.

I have to submit a report on doing the Rutherford Alpha Ray Scattering expt at REAP.

So, I have all these things lined up before I can start preparing for my preps.

Ah! Some bucks at last!

After doing Freelancing for quite some time, I did make some money. I havent been able to devote much time to it. But, I do pick up some jobs now and then.

Whoa! ..... I met a Nobel Laureate

This was in Nov if I'm right. Sir Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel laureate for chemistry (for his discovery of BuckyBalls along with Richard Smalley and another guy), had come to the Planetarium here (I go to a Research orientation course here). He was to give a talk on attitudes towards science and the like. He gave a very inspiring talk. I still remember his famous quote "My favourite chemical is my dog!", when a friend of mine asked him whether the buckyball was his favourite chemical. I have written down some of his quotes somewhere. Couldnt search it out for the blog.

After the lecture, when all of us students went to shake hands with him, something happened that I will remember the rest of my life. He spoke to ME! But, Alas!, not on anything technical. I had worn a shirt with a big Ferrari logo. When it was my turn to shake hands with him, he said looking at my shirt: "You have a Ferrari?"
I said, "No , Sir..."

"Well.... Win the Nobel prize and you can buy one!"


(Pauses for a while) "Oh! You cant buy a Ferrari with that! You'll have to kill the other two laureates!"

(Everyone laughs)

Well, I would be prouder, if we spoke on something else. But, If at all I DO win the Nobel Prize, I will certainly quote this incident in my Nobel speech.

That was a loooooooooong time

I have been VERY busy for quite a lot of time. (And i forgot to blog). Lots of things happened in my life in this time. I'll post all of em as separate posts. But the order in which it is posted doesnt reflect the order in which it happened. (Coz I forgot what happened in what order). And happy to know that ppl actually see my blog!

In fact im much busier now. But, I wanna take some time out. Figured out that this was the best thing to do with the time.