Friday, June 08, 2007

Thadiyandamol again (29 & 30 Dec 2006)

Looking at the pics taken during the trek i went to Thadiandamol with ncbs friends, Srikanth and Goo thought we could go on a more hardcore trek through the jungle laden route to scale Thadiyandamol. Also, we stayed on top of the hill overnight, for a chilling experience. We got down the next day and went to Irpu falls (which is more than 50 kms away), for a refreshing power bath.

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Being able to go behind the waterfall was a unique experience. And even more so, was when standing right below it. The force of the water is such that, u will feel that there are many people pounding you. Unfortunately, i could not take photos that captured these experiences. All i could do is a take a pic of it in all its glory.

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