Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hessarghattta once more

Missed Critical Mass on Saturday, as i was wayyy too sleepy. And waking up late next day, ensured that i'd miss any planned long Sunday ride. A friend suggested that i do Sarjapur. But by the time i finished deciding for or against it, another friend (Chetan) pulled me into riding to Hessarghatta.

We went on the Hessarghatta main road, unlike my previous rides where we took some tiny out-of-shape shortcut roads. I must say that i enjoyed the main road better inspite of the mild traffic on it, because the road was so much nicer. And although there was nothin mightily scenic enroute, it was pleasant.

But, once we reached Hessarghatta, it was heaven as usual. The scenery here doesn't fail to mesmerize how many ever times we've been here. I have been here for the Bangalore Ultra runs, a few training runs, and quite a few cycle rides before. And Chetan had been here on motorbike many times before too. However, this was his first cycle ride of this distance. (He did ~65 km on this ride)

We slowly soaked in the gentle sun reflected off the golden grass, moving at a leisurely pace, chit chatting abt life, girls and the combination of the two. Took every possible photo-break, water-break, sugarcane-juice-break, watermelon break, tender-coconut-break, lets just-sleep-on-the-grass-and-enjoy-for-a-while-break, etc. etc.

Chetan did quite well for his first half century ride, albeit with sore butt and muscles. (Extra credit for being on a steel frame bike without gears). And for me this was the longest ride since TFN (did many rides b/w 20 and 50 km, but never went on any long ride i planned)

Directions: If u head out of the city on NH4 (Tumkur road) from Gorgontepalya(Where NH4 meets ORR). U'll reach a turn(right) called "8th mile". (There should be a petrol bunk on ur right, which could be obscured by construction work). This will get u on Hessarghatta main road. At any fork ( i remember only one major one), just ask the directions to Hessarghatta. Ride on and u'll get Hessarghatta bus stand. Just before the bus stand, u'll see a right turn with sign boards to Taj Kuteeram and Nrityagram. (If u r confused, just ask around for directions to nrityagram). Head on that road for ~4 km and u'll see a mass of trees on ur left. That's the canopy u see in the first pic. If u go on the tarmac instead of getting lost in those woods, u should ultimately reach Kuteeram and Nrityagram. Just before u reach there, u'll see a right turn leading to the horizon. Just keep ur eyes open, u cant miss it. If u do, ask around for directions to this resort called "Our Native Village". There are plenty of trails around. Explore and enjoy.

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Praveer Nijagal said...

Man! This is a such a beatiful place just around bangalore. I must make this trip once. I go on Nice road near Bannerghatta road and Kanakapura road. I thought it is a very nice until i saw this one. But from JP nagar this place is very far i believe.

neuromancer said...

@Praveer: Yes. Its mind-blowingly beautiful.
Yehwantpur might be <20 km from JP Nagar. So will be <100 km ride overall. Fits a good weekend ride plan