Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Riddle changed

Heyall !

The purpose of the puzzle was to send a message to someone. The message has reached the intended person. So, I deleted the message as it served its primary purpose. But, since many of u have come here for the puzzle (thanks to me agreeing to the lady who is slowly getting bald), I changed the puzzle and posted it; which will no longer give a hint to an aspect of my life or anything, but still is something to be solved. Here is the modified one:

O Draconian Devil!
Posiedon hands the key to the Roman king.
Together they read:
"glow 2b 2ryx 2v 2h!!"

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Sudhir P said...

@sweety: Thanks for dropping by too! And I'm NOT bored of blogging. I wanted the message to reach the appropriate people. One has recieved it. The other will recieve it through safer means. So, now u can see me blogging more!

@Brad: Thanks for droopin by! I saw ur comment on toeragz. Whew man! U did a lot of analysis! Lot of it wasnt right at all! Well, let me see what you have to say about this modified one! (Remember that the answer u get out of this puzzle wont be as juicy as u thought)

Sudhir P said...

@ideaSmith: Thanks for droppin by too

Brad said...

I am gonna take that as a compliment! Lot of analysis, hmmm. Well, I was working with Elimination Theory. :-) What part of my solution was 'almost' right?
On a hunch, your last line in in this puzzle is still following the same key as before!? And I need to match some words with some text somewhere. Poof!

Sudhir P said...

@Brad: The thing relating to context and previous posts, and me asking someone and all. But, the way u connected them to the puzzle was at least not what I had intended. U got there, but through weird ways. The puzzle is solvable even without the context. Moreover that this new one doesnt depend on the context.

Another hint: This one has absolutely nothing to do with anything secret.

d4u said...

Ah...so you were leading us into a wrong puzzle all the way.
Thank god I was smart enough not to waste my energy on it..:p
Okie now wats the ans 2 this...??:p

wise donkey said...

:(( and the hours i spent tryin to crack it.

well will try this too:D

Sudhir P said...

@d4u and wise donkey: Hey! I wasnt leading to a WRONG puzzle! If you had headed in the right direction, none of ur work would have gone waste. (Some deep analyst here will take that as a hint ;-)

Finch, Scout said...

All i got outta the whole thing was Leonardo Da Vinci, and Vitruvian Man.

And the fact that you've read the Da Vinci Code.

Oh yay. Am i Einstein or what??!

Sudhir P said...

Vitruvius man?!?! From the code?!?! I dont see it! Now i know why einstein looked crazy!