Monday, May 30, 2005

This strange irony called life

It was the day before that day..... which has become an important part of my history.... a day my grandchildren will probably hear abt (thats wayyyy in the future).

I was composing a li'l part of a song (even recorded it later). It was raining heavily! And the sky was glowing once in a while with flashes of lightning. I was there... sitting in the balcony... The roof was no shelter from the rain that rode on the strong winds. That day... I was all so happy... so curious... feeling glad about all the 'signs' that some friends told me about! I was excited! But... all that lasted only that night which bore pleasant dreams amidst the rumblings of thunder..... However... the next day was all bright and clear! It was cool inspite of being a summer noon! But... suddenly lightning struck! I was unsettled! Time moved on as my life went through the dark days... but, the weather was fine and bright throughout! Then.... when life is showing signs of recovery...... finally settling back....... There's lightning and thunder at the horizon!

Somehow..... I want it to stay this way...... with my mind clear and lightning striking around! But... am I being selfish?..... in wishing the whole world a turbulent time, JUST so that I am clear of it? Might be I am..... But I'll be of any use to the world, only if I'm totally out of troubled waters. Recently, memories resurfaced.... all those pleasant dreams.... which have turned into nightmares.... indications of trouble deep within me. So.... the world will have to face some troubled weather..... but, once settled, I assure that I'll come to their help and set things right... the trouble caused by all the thunder.

And yea... I decided I will never complete that song!

I see someone drawing a metaphor..... But dont take it too far!

Current Mood : A gentle mix of calm and regret
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