Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phit! Count

PhitCount is the term i've given to the number of mosquitoes u've electrocuted. Its a kind of count of some kinda karma points i reckon. The amount of good u have done to the human race. Well, by using the mosquito electrocutor (the shocking-coil powered tennis raquet thats been very popular these days), you kill a mosquito instead of plainly driving it away or blinding its senses so that it doesnt bite u (thats how most mosquito repellants work). This way, you are preventing not only it from biting u, but also its children, grandchildren and so on. In a more polished way of saying, you are affecting a chain propogation step, which means a slight input, will create a large output(in this case- absence of mosquitoes).

If at all there is a god for humans, who looks for wat good i've done to humans, i hope She (i bet God is a sexy bitch as much as It could be the Flying Spaghetti Monster) will read my blog (why? God must be having an ultrabroadband connection for all i know) and send me to heaven for the amount of good i've done.

So, from now on, i'm going to keep a count of how many mosquitoes i've electrocuted, and update the number on the sidebar. (For ppl who havent already guessed, the 'phit' of the phitCount refers to the scary and sweet sound of electrocution)

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good ol' times

Ahhh. those days...... when all that mattered to me was Physics and myself..... Completely drowned in it..... Not speakin to anyone much (except other fellow geeks of course)..... to the point that the rest of college actually 'feared' talking to me..... I looked like a dork and wasnt bothered abt it..... Then in the third year of my bachelors degree, i decided i would socialize...... i looked less like a dork.... i started talking to more people... people other than geeks...... the others liked talking to me too...... i began liking someone...... sometime later, someone else started liking me..... neither of them clicked..... my mind, although it loved physics.... there was something hot n happenin in this new kind of world.... I had one crush after another.... Just crushes... not love.... until pretty recently that is..... but even love betrayed me..... got dumped in a way, i never thought i would be dumped..... anyway, i've gotten over the ditching..... All i long for is those good ol' times..... where all that matters is Physics, me and my experiments.....

However, the geek federation has split and are scattered. Its more or less a lone walk down the 'path less trodden'..... which reminds me of a recent meetup with Aditya. Amidst all the gibberish that he usually gibbers, he told "I choose to take no path. Its definitely not trodden".... thats some kind of 0/0 kinda indeterminate kinda argument, but it definitely makes some wierd sense! I'm still thinking of deeper meanings to it. (I know he dint mean it any deeper than 'grilled' canteens and the other crap he said. But, there's something interesting in this statement).....

Ahhh.... those good ol' times spent w aditya...... The times we spent at the planetarium..... fighting over every little difference we find between our solutions to problems..... The number of bets we placed over those problems(which he won almost every time)..... The time we worked together on the Rijke effect...... learning something new everyday........ The eureka moments of the 'uphill cone' and 'uphill ball'..............

Im not in too bad a state now to do anything.... its just that i'm doing nothing that i can be proud of.... the way i used to be once upon a time..... The whole year of 2006 went in vain..... Although, i got my first ever paper published (although 6th author) during this time.... i coant see a huge difference in what wisdom i have..... I oughta make 2007 different..... Forget all the mere mortal desires of Love, glory and entertainment..... I had more joy, during those good ol' days..... I prefer being a happy nerd than a sad stud.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Template changed.

I had to change the template of the blog to the newer blogger version, in order to make my life a little easier. I couldnt make haloscan comments link to the old p[osts of the new blog properly. So, i've decided to chuck haloscan. Sorrry for sacrificing all those valuable comments.