Monday, April 11, 2005


Bugs are the IN thing in blogs these days! Wanted some arthropod acquainted to me , to be up here in the blogosphere.

There are ppl writing poems to spiders, wanting to make movies abt them. Well, I should atleast be there somewhrere with atleast a pic.


Manish said...

Spiderman khush hua.

I hate spiders. But I dont treat them like the way Garfield does.

Sqrl/NT said...

Ahh spiders...incredibly friendly creatures..

Sudhir P said...

@ Manish: Look at the cuter side of the spider. They are very adorable!

@ Neon: friendly???? Whoa! Thats somethin!

By the way, what was the idea behind the name 'Neon Tetra'?

Yea but still, friendly?!?!

Sita said...

Yes, friendly!!

And fascinating as well.

The picture's amazing. :)

*grin* wow, SF and I are inspiration.. ;)

Sudhir P said...

@ neon and sita: U probly feel that coz there arent enogh spiders in ur room. I would agree with fascinating. But... friendly?!?!

Golden Words said...

spiders... cant live with them..cant live without them... hey wait!! wasn't it a woman???

Sudhir P said...

lol GW. Is it the same with X?

blur said...


sita: u sad soul ur contagious saddism biaatch

Sqrl/NT said...

Seriously! Friendly!.. dont they always seem to be crawling towards you? I take that as a friendly gesture..
I dont know what the Neon Tetra thing is all about.. Sqrls and NTs fascinate me..
Ps: whats this lens organ thing..

Sudhir P said...

The lens organ is my camera. The plural suggests that there is more than one organ. This is coz I wanted to maintain the ambiguity of it being my eyes (plus thick glasses B-)

THE DEVIL said...

Nice blog dude! U seem to be a gr8 photographer. So.. doing ur majors in bio?? lots of botany pics.

Sudhir P said...

Im a BSc in Physics, Chem and Maths (No Bio). But, I'm interested in practically EVERYTHING around! And there are plenty of critters around to grab my attention! and thanks 4 the complements

Sita said...

Friendly. Have you tried playing with them? Feels luffly when they crawl over your hand.. :)

blur: I'm just so good at it. *grin*

Sudhir P said...

Yea, and later i get all itchy (Im allergic to spiders). So that explains why i dont find it friendly.

So al ya non-allergic ppl enjoy playin with spiders?

Finch, Scout said...

purdy picture :o)

and the only bugs i get reaaaaaal "tick"ed off with:

flying cockroaches.


Sudhir P said...

Such a strange co-incidence that a specimen of what u just specified is just zzzzz-ing around somewhere here!

Finch, Scout said...



Sudhir P said...


There it goes! With all its grey matter out!

(Wished that it wud happen that way! But, damn thing flew away, out into the darkness, even before i could take a snap of it, let alone squashing it)

Moral: Wings arent always beautiful!

Finch, Scout said...

guldoo mari,

people who find cockroaches beautiful..

...have something seriously screwed up there!

Sudhir P said...

Guldoo taayi! Who sed it was beautfull?

Now that u mention it...... I have second thoughts! After learning about all its mecahnisms, anatomy and morphology back in PU, they DO look interesting (if not beautiful!)