Friday, August 15, 2008

Cycling from Bangalore to Mysore (Aug 2 2008)

Was a friend's wedding in Mysore..... Took this as an excuse to take a long weekend ride, plus have a pseudo-support-car with the rest of the friends coming there by car. (Pseudo as they wouldn't be going along with me, but would pick me up if anything goes wrong)

Started off on a fine Saturday morning at 6:15 am, with a slight threat of rain..... Went at a decent pace of 20 kmph for the first 30 km, until i hit the Bangalore-Mysore Highway close to Kengeri...... Clean pleasant ride till I reached my first pitstop - Kamat Lokaruchi at 64.5 km (speed 19 point chillar kmph)...... Had the breakfast buffet..... mmmm the Vadas were Yummy! Had loads of 'em..... Hit the road again half an hour to 45 mins later.....

.... when the odometer was in the vicinities of 90km, I felt a sudden decrease in my speed. Earlier i was conveniently doing ups at around 14-18 kmph and downs at 28-37 kmph. But at around the 90 km mark, my ups were reduced to 8-12 kmph and downs to 16-20 kmph. And the transition was quite abrupt.... I had now experienced what in proffesional cycling terminology is called "Bonking".... I had an inkling that i had bonked, and was wondering how i could have bonked inspite of eating so well...

A few moments and a few hundred metres later, I got the answer..... I puked...... there goes all the nutrition along with the Vadas..... Soon, I feel drowsy.... (Do not sleep n drive).... saw a desolate bus-stop.... Locked cycle and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... Woke up, saw cycle still there, zzzzzzzz..... One hour's siesta made me fresh. Had some juice and set off again...... Had more pit stops just to be cautious.... An uneventful pleasant ride until I reached Mysore at 5:30 ish, with a ride time of close to 8.5-9.5 hrs (Thanks to a little kid at a shop who got a bit curious with the red button on the cyclometer, i have lost the exact distance and ride time).... And after getting there, took me 7 o clock to find the destination.

And i enter the reception hall in cycling shorts and a stinky tee, my change of clothes still crawling its way to Mysore along with my friends..... Got the looks from all around, until i quickly made a dash and locked myself up in the choultry room, until my clothes arrived!

Well, had an interview session with kids, later on. Many asked what cause was i cycling for..... Hmm.... I cycle to run away from the world, and myself too.... Too far fetched to explain to even adults, let alone these sweet kids..... "I cycled just like that. I just needed an excuse"......

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p.s: I had originally planned to ride back to bangalore. But, had to get back soon as i had to make my presentation for rehearsals of the sympotein

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