Thursday, March 31, 2005

Philosophy treat

After coming back from Kavalur, I took a big long nap. Woke up in the evening, remembaring that I had my final Chemistry practical exams the next day! I had to go to Vini's house to get the procedure sheets. Well, I went there, talked and talked and talked about the trip. Then went out to tae a xerox, then went on talkin, hoggin some chaat. Then somehow, there was a discussion about Bhavana's question "You cant simply disbelieve and argue against something, without even tasting it"(referring to Astrology). Well, that was all that was required to pull me into a full length discussion with Vini about what is reality, is there a reality and lotsa of things that finally led to the purpose of life thing, and transfereed my philosophies to him. (= Aaahiyo Whoonuno Aahiyo Paiyohyu! for AOE 1 players; = conversion, for the world deprived of AOE1).

Yea, but wat about the chem exams? Chuck it, this was more interesting, it went on until we realized that it was 10 pm. And u know what, whenever we had a philosophy discussion together, it was behind a chem exam! (It has happened thrice so far. Its probably coz chem is so easy that we do not actually feel to read for the exam).

Well, I am really happy about one thing! I did not read for it, while in Kavalur, when the others were busy in their books. I started only 2 -3 hrs before the exams. And Im proud that I did very well! It was a similar case in the Physics practicals

The Kavalur Trip

Ah! At last! I finished writing the moment-to-moment detail rant of the Kavalur trip. It took me an awful long time. And, dammit, after writing the whole story, I figure out, i cant blog it here with all the pics. I have it on my website. U can see it at

You can see ALL the photos taken there (includig the junk ones) at
under Kavalur trip. U can see the other albums, which contain some nice photos as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ants eye view

This pic was taken by Adi, with the camera on the ground. Looks like a complex landscape. But it is only dry eucalyptus leaves on burnt grass.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Aditya doing some deep thinking, calculating stuff to compare our equations for the uphill cone. Yeah, and I was loafing around...... looking for something interesting for the lens. Waited a looong time for him to behave in his usual funny way. Saala camera ke aage chup chaap baitha tha. After the long wait, decided to take a pic of something he rarely does-.....thinking!

Goo-ological specimen

Goo, doing his usual monkey business!

Ugh! Whats the name!

I forgot the name of this flower. Yeah I know I was a bio student. But, how much can I remember after all. All I know now is that it is beautiful, and this happens 2 b one of my favourites.

A close-up of a sunflower

A Red leaved plant which my mom had planted and maintained

Sunflower field