Thursday, February 10, 2005

Exams approaching!

My preparatory exams are on 21st Feb. I havent prepared at all. Nor have I attended all the classes. Guess I'll have to do a last minute zoom through. The thing is that I have more interesting and more important things to do now.

I have recently derived an equation for the motion of the 'uphill cone'. I'll have to experimentally verify this. I'm still making the apparatus components. And, I'm just waiting to verify my results.

I have to do the problems to be submitted at REAP (A research course at the Planetarium here). The problems are good. But, I dont know to solve em yet.

I have to submit a report on doing the Rutherford Alpha Ray Scattering expt at REAP.

So, I have all these things lined up before I can start preparing for my preps.

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