Thursday, April 28, 2005


Get Firefox!

I have been using IE, Firefox and Opera. Of all the ones, although Opera seems to be faster, firefox seems to be most friendly and easy to use. The only reason why i stuck to IE previously was bcoz of the google toolbar which was available only for IE. And those who are using IE for the same reason, u can download googlebar from And unlike opera it is totally free and minus the ads and stuff. for those of u who dont know, firefox and Opera support tabbed browsing (to which I am addicted to now!).

I recently went around to some cybercafes here. All of them hsve firefox instead of IE. And I was surprised - coz the cybercafes out here are slow upgraders. (Some have win 95 win 98 and dont even have winzip! or any zippin utility).

This is a graph of the browser share of ppl visiting my blog. 42% is a good share. Do i see IE declining?

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methinks said...

oh firefox rocks!

Sudhir P said...

Thanks for droppin by! Nad yes! firefox rox!

Finch, Scout said...

sayi hogu
i'm dying to control downloads here.

blaaaaaadi broadband allows only 500 MB a month.

the universe is full of expensive things.


Sudhir P said...

@SF: DataOne aaa? Saayi Saayi
Try Cable. 700 per month, 64 kbps, Unlimited dload! (Thats why u find me online even behind exams).

And u dont need to dlaod firefox, u can get it from some PC mag CD (of some freind if u dont get one). Some firefox fan would defnitely giv u a copy