Friday, June 03, 2005

Hey! Where's all the geeky stuff?

Many of you might have wondered why the blogURL is 'roastedneutrons'. Well, there's a history to that! My brother started a blog with the URL 'neuronsonfire'. (He has stopped blogging). I wanted my blog URL to be somehow related. So, I planned to make mine 'roastedneurons' but accidentally typed 'roastedneu8rons'. Then I realized that I was a Physics student and my blog would be abt the Physics I learn. I thought 'roastedneutrons' (thanks to the typo) would fit the job, for a geeky blog! But.... I havent posted a single thing abt any geeky stuff so far! Somehow... I feel that expressing the non-geekish part of myself is more important to me! And by the way, who would be interested in reading some crap about bra-ket algebra or levi-cevita tensors? (bouncers?)

Current Mood : As happy as happy can happily be (sorry for borrowin ur style suhas!)
Currently listening to : The answer to our life - Backstreet Boys

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