Monday, November 19, 2007

My first ever full marathon

..... And what an amazing place to do it...... The river by the side almost throughout the run..... It was an amazing run...... Although it would have been better if i wouldnt have been the last to finish.... But hey, i finished!!! ......

Event: Kaveri Trail Marathon, November 2007

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A huge thanks to RFL for the whole thing.... And special thanks to the support team for stayin up for the whole long period i was running.

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Biking to Manchinbele and Savandurga (10th Nov 2007)

For ppl who know me, i know u must half be thinking that bike here means bicycle, but instead it is a motorbike this time (which i dint drive either...The only thing i actually know to drive is the former version of the bike) .... And yea, din't climb Savandurga either...... Hmmmm, u must be thinking that there is a catch somewhere..... Well, u'll soon discover......

The gang: Me, Srik, Goo, Vinay, Arun

Long time since all of us met.... A road trip to celebrate this rare occasion!...... Also, Srik was showing us at savandurga, the route we will be taking on our hard trek weeks later. (Trust me, if srik says its hard and sends a mail saying 'be physically and mentally fit for it', it means much more than that)..... Thinking abt this trek would send shivers up my spine..... But when i looked at the peak this time, there were two things runnin in my mind..... 1. Wow! It still looks as inviting as the first time.... 2. Wait till i tame u!.....

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And going at breathtaking speeds amidst greenery (which i have no pics of, cos i was so involved enjoyin it). Its definitely different from the thrills of either speeding or enjoying the greenery at a slow pace. (Btw, this was in between manchinbele and savandurga, for those who want to enjoy it too.)

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