Sunday, May 29, 2005

Live 'n kikkin

I'm back to life now! Thanks to a lot of words from someone. The words affected my attitude to almost everything that I had problems with! But however,.... in the process, I think I am feeling sorta guilty of ruining someone's appetite and sleep for 2 days. I wanted to escape my trouble and transferred it to someone! How damn rude of me! I'm still wondering how I can rectify the mess I've created! But, I'm sure I'll do my best! Coz, I dont wanna regret this all my life!

One thing I decided : Stay focussed on the academic stuff, for atleast quite a distance in the future! I wont get this time again!

So.... off i go.... to my books!

Current mood : live 'n kikkin (The title shud've been enuf)
Currently listening to : I will love Again - Lara Fabian

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