Monday, April 27, 2009

Bangalore Duathlon

Date: June 14th
10k run + 20k cycle
5k run + 10k cycle

The exact format is being worked out. (cycle,run or run,cycle or run,cycle,run)..... Since its being conducted by RFL and RAC-F, it should be well organised.

At last, something that suits me perfect..... running+cycling. I beleive i have a niche when these two are combined. Let me see how it goes. But i need to train hard to be in prime shape for this. I hope to finish the 10k run +20k cycle in less than 1:45:00. Or should i fancy my chances at victory in the 5k run + 10k cycle? Where i hope to do it within 0:50:00?

Anyway, i need to try out a practice run/ride to check how high/low these goals are

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Time Trial

Yesterday, it was probably the first time i had a podium finish in any sport. Well, it was not an official 'event', it was just an informal event where a bunch of guys from BBC (Bangalore Bikers Club) / BZ (BikesZone Cycling) tested their speed versus each other. But, nevertheless, it was a first time i won even an informal event.

For those of you who dont know what a time trial is..... Its a cycle race, with a staggered start (One cyclist starts one minute after the another cyclist who starts.....), so that the cylists dont bump into each other too often. And you do a short distance like 10-20 km, where u try to hit the maximum pace u can.

There were two categories: Roadbikes and MTB/Hybrid. The course was 8.65 km long. It was generally a gentle downhill for round1. And in round2, it was the same course uphill. It saw around 20 participants

Round1: There was a nasty truck that was blocking the road for a lot of the route, that was preventing me from doing fast enough.... the advantages of drafting behind it was soon lost. So i dropped the truck as soon as it permitted, doing a dangerous pumped up overtake...... In some time, overtook 3 ppl who started ahead of me..... Finished the 8.65 km in 14:47 at an average speed of 35.1 kmph.... Finished first in the MTB/Hybrid cactegory and third overall(including roadbikes)

Round 2: the long gentle uphill, is painful and irritating, as it doesn't give any break for ur legs. And to top it all, there was headwind (wind coming head on), making it hard to even touch the thirties speed, forget maintaining it.... Did it in 18:41 at avg speed of 27.7 kmph. Won in my category again, and came 4th overall (Missed third spot by 3 secs).

Overall results combining round 1 and 2 : 17.3 km in 33:28 at an avg speed of 31.2 kmph. First in MTB/Hybrid category and third overall.

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