Sunday, January 01, 2006

A year goes by........

........ but it feels that more than a year has passed. Its not that it was boring, but on the contrary, because it was too eventful.

The year started out pretty normally, with a lot of enthu and fun, and someone occupying my thoughts.

But, when life was pretty smooth, on Feb 15, mom died.... rendering me in a strange mode for quite some time. It wasn't the awfully-sad kinda mode.... it was strange...sad although, but strange......plain strange!

Then the camera entered my life........ making life seem positive. I spent my time clickin away at anything and everything..... making me realize the hidden beauty in 'anything and everything'

And the someone-occupying-thoughts thingy happened more oft. During summer however, a fact jolted my 'occupied' state, that the someone occupying my thoughts, was occupying someone else's thoughts too. I had to force the 'someone' to stop occupying my thoughts. Did some strange things to do so, including forcing someone else to occupy the thoughts.

I started socializing more, trying to do away with the geeky image attached to me. Made quite a few new friends. Ppl figured out that I'm not as scary as they thought i was.

I got a bio project at NCBS. But actually desired a Physics project elsewhere. But as things went on, I felt that I wudnt wanna trade my project for anything......... great project......... great place...... great people.

Began feeling nice about the someone who had newly entered my thoughts.... only for some time. But it seemed, it didnt click.... that person had some probs with it..... Later realized that, it was indeed a strange way things were goin on .........Few weeks.... happy to have thoughts being occupied by no one. Then later realized that I was on the right track...... I actually shudnt have anyone in my thoughts........ coz if it clicked, the future of that person wud be pretty drab.

Went on a college trip to Munnar. (Oh! I havent finished my blog post on that yet!) Enjoyed a lot. This would be the last trip of its kind(No more college after this yr). Became a lot more social person as well (Even a 1% is great thing for one who is at 0.237%).

Won quite a lot of prizes at inter-collegiate fests. (Oops! I was supposed to give parties for this.... which I have almost forgotten abt!)

Project at NCBS goes ahead with a lot of zeal. I also read a lot of interesting books........ novels, science, math and all da crap i could lay hands on.

And with the year almost coming to a close, having no sign of anything spectacular at the end, suddenly, there's this heart pricking me, with someone who's occupying the mind again. But, this time, I just push it out before thinking much. The heart does tingle at the thought of the person, but I am more firm this time round. I have decided to stay alone........... not because of kiddish notions, but because of sheer concern towards that person. And i guess it will remain this way from here on!

Overall, a rollercoaster ride........ I dont regret the bad times....... I like the sour tastes that life feeds me....... and I can enjoy it even if there weren't the sweet bits in between.

Wish all of ya a HAPPY NEW YEAR. And wish me another roller-coaster year.....

Current mood: sullen, yet mellow (probably due to a sadistic impulse)
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