Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still Alive! (Most probably)

This post is to remind the blogworld that im still alive..... suffocating... yes, but still alive.

Early Jan, i had gone to Mahabaleshwar, for a seminar on Neuroscience, photos of which are on U can view the other albums there as well. Some pics with some descriptions are also up on my photoblog.

After that, I had to do all work that i had pushed aside 2 go 2 mahabaleshwar..... killing the rest of Jan.... Then, had to roast my neurons into thinking abt an unanswered question in biology, and possible approaches to solving it. This was for applying for Integrated PhD at NCBS. This ate up most of the time in early Feb.... After which, when tryin 2 relax a bit... came the comments of lecturers that i dont attend classes, and that they wudnt let me apply for the final exam.... Got over them with some gimmicks... wasted 1 whole day payin the application fee (for those who live on a better side of the planet : We have to stand in long queues to fill our fees! A shame for a college in silicon valley!)..... And since life always finds a way to pull my leg...., i had to sit and write 4 practical records almost end 2 end. (I still havent completed it though)

Will be goin 2 kerala tomorrow, for performing rites of mom's 1st yr death anniverary. Wil come back with loads of pics.

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