Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunfeast world 10k 2009 comin up

Although there hasn't been any official declaration yet, inside sources (read RFL spies) say that the Sunfeast world 10k would be on May 10th. The registrations will begin sometime soon.

Meanwhile, Vinay and meself have started on a training program, knowing that we have still ~6 weeks for the event. All those who r waiting for the news to start training, sould probably start training now.

If u r in bangalore, u have a few options for being trained:
- The Nike Run Club (at Kanteerava stadium every sat and wed)
- "Runner's high" by Dr. Rajat et al

I am however planning to stick to training programs here.
And u can track my trainin at dailymile.

Edit: Tanvir Kazmi points out that there is still juggling of dates going on, as we can see from here. (This link says May 31st). So what i would do is to start on a 3 week training program (like here), by which time, the date should get settled. And then do some speed drills and cross-training during the gap the posponement would introduce. Then do another 3 week trainin cycle to reach optimum training for D-Day

Re-edit: Its on May 31 finally. And i am totally sucky at following training schedules that the change of date doesn't affect my so-called training at all! :)

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Movie night at BOTS

BOTS screens biking movies once in a while at the rooftop store of theirs. This was the second such session. This time, the movies screened were:
- a 10 min trailer of the TFN documentary by Flaunge
- Seasons

The movies were good, but the best part of such events is the chance to meet other bikers, and catch up w the ones u know.

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