Monday, July 02, 2007

Template changed.

I had to change the template of the blog to the newer blogger version, in order to make my life a little easier. I couldnt make haloscan comments link to the old p[osts of the new blog properly. So, i've decided to chuck haloscan. Sorrry for sacrificing all those valuable comments.


Srikanth said...

Again I differ here. I feel you must not loose 'hope'. I know, I cannot substantiate, but somehow I feel this confidence, strange tough.
If you mind, I assure you can understand the former for sure and that I believe shall always remain the greatest intellectual treat. Ok, feynman ?

Sudhir P said...

I too have confidence in learning the former. And it will definitely be an intellectual treat.

And whats with the 'ok, Feynman?' statement.

Srikanth.K.S(ಶ್ರೀಕಾಂತ) said...

I was calling you-' the future feynman'.
I posted comment for below post by mistake here.

Sudhir P said...

Ha ha!

I cant aspire to be Feynman in either of the two

aditya said...

hey buddy even i miss those times a lot.... those were magical times if i may cal them so! well yes the experiment we did together and those long wait outside "sheshadri's office" to have that one talk with him regarding the rijke.. i have enjoyed all those moments thorough;y... i so miss you frnd .... hope we could spend more such times together... :)

Sudhir P said...

@adi: I wish so too. Might be we can.... some time down some vacation at least. Or i'll come to pune sometime when workload's low