Saturday, June 30, 2007

On all wierd things

Richard Feynman was a GENIUS. He understood both - Quantum Mechanics AND girls.

I can understand neither! :(

And i've given up hope to learn. Atleast the latter.

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Tryer said...

have you tried quantum computing? Hi from SL

Sudhir P said...

@ Tryer: Quantum computing?!?!?

Heck no!

With all the use of quantum entanglement and all. Life is already spooky enuf. Why do i need spooky action at a distance?

Well.... on other thoughts.... it shouldnt matter.... after all q-mech describes wat reality is!and its spooky... so wat.... i shud just learn to deal with it....

Quantum computing... here i come. (Hoping this fever will last a little while)

Sudhir said...

@tryer: Abt the 'Hi from SL'... who SL? There are so many names i know that can be tucked in that abbreviation of 'SL'