Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phit! Count

PhitCount is the term i've given to the number of mosquitoes u've electrocuted. Its a kind of count of some kinda karma points i reckon. The amount of good u have done to the human race. Well, by using the mosquito electrocutor (the shocking-coil powered tennis raquet thats been very popular these days), you kill a mosquito instead of plainly driving it away or blinding its senses so that it doesnt bite u (thats how most mosquito repellants work). This way, you are preventing not only it from biting u, but also its children, grandchildren and so on. In a more polished way of saying, you are affecting a chain propogation step, which means a slight input, will create a large output(in this case- absence of mosquitoes).

If at all there is a god for humans, who looks for wat good i've done to humans, i hope She (i bet God is a sexy bitch as much as It could be the Flying Spaghetti Monster) will read my blog (why? God must be having an ultrabroadband connection for all i know) and send me to heaven for the amount of good i've done.

So, from now on, i'm going to keep a count of how many mosquitoes i've electrocuted, and update the number on the sidebar. (For ppl who havent already guessed, the 'phit' of the phitCount refers to the scary and sweet sound of electrocution)

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Suvesh said...

That part looks like it was out of a Tarantino script. Mosquito gore and exploitation.


Sudhir P said...


Anonymous said...

dude... Dont give urself that much credit... I think the phit count is not as karma generating as u might think... The number of mosquitoes is determined mainly by factors like availability of breeding places and food(blood). For every mosquito u killed, another mosquito which should have died will live. Maybe it is not that bad, but it probably is not that good either ;-)...

Just chattering :D

Sudhir P said...

Hmm. Point taken. Will remove PhitCount from sidebar with immediate effect.

Sudhir P said...