Sunday, September 04, 2011

No news yet!

For those of you who are curious of what has been happening to the startup..... well.... there's no news yet :(... We (me,bro,sis-in-law) have been building arbit stuff that are needed for the startup ultimately..... i.e. Everything is still under construction.... Mostly we have been building stuff to build parts required for the machines we are planning.... We were thinking of either building a reprap, or a cnc-mill..... The cnc-mill is just a few steps short of complete.... And u know, i guess these are the hardest.... And we've been doing things in bursts, rather than a continuous effort, cos we are easily distracted

And for those of you who were thinking that, my cycling, running and treks would have increased in number.... it has actually turned opposite.... Its hit such lows like before i started cycling/running

Current mood: the trying-to-get-back-on-track
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