Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fooood please

The world record for most number of food items on display in a single day is 5845. And that was a cheese based theme. i.e. they made 5845 cheese dishes (well..... the sponsor was some cheese company!). The total number of dishes in the world must be a hundred fold more maybe? 584500?

Now let's say i've got a hundred years more to live (i hope not though).... And say i eat a new dish every  time i have a meal. I'll eat 3*365*100 = 109500 meals..... And yet i wouldnt have tasted all the food in the world!

And thats why, every time i eat something i've already had before, and am not so fond of, i regret that its taking the place of something exciting and unknown, which i'll never have a chance to even try!

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