Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KTM '08

As promised, this was my worst performance in a half marathon ever. I clocked 2:30 hrs to do the 21 km. Conditions were more gruelling than usual with high temp and humidity...... (ah! more excuses!).

The route was scenic as expected. But there was gravel (for road construction) on quite a lot of sections of the road, making it very inconvenient to run on. (This was not there last year). But RFL support was good as ever. The only irritant being the late start due to which we had to see a lot more of the sun. The previous days' rains had sloshed up some sections of the road, and more annoyingly, increased the humidity levels. All in all, a very demanding run.

Anyway, this is the best marathon u can find this side of life. So no complainin.

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BK said...

Nice pics...nice run!

neuromancer said...

@bk: Thanks. But i think, i could have done better, by at least 10 mins, if i had pushed hard enough

anita said...

those were hell of a lot of pictures! when did you run? :-) or do you take pics "on the run?"

but seriously, looks even prettier now in the pics! and some great pics too. good job!

neuromancer said...

@anita: Thanks

I usually take pics "on the run" :)

But this time, since i ran only the half marathon, i took most pics after the run. While on the run, i took some 5-10 pics. The remaining, i took while doing an extra 6 km after i finished my run.