Friday, October 17, 2008

KTM '08 comin up

The 2008 edition of the Kaveri Trail Marathon will be on the coming sunday. And I'm all jittery about it, like a kid afraid of upcoming exams, when u've not prepared well enuf..... Sickness, then being busy, and then my aunt gettin a brain tumour (hospital up n downs on that end) and then her passin away.... Its been pretty chaotic.... with my longest run being just 12 km :( But i've done a few long distance cycle rides though (four rides of 100+ kms in the past 4 months). But my legs somehow are still tired from last sunday's ride. Probably becoz of incorrect diet after the ride.

Well, this post is sorta like giving excuses why it'll not be a great show from my side, And why I'm runnin only the half marathon this time. Well, it's better to tell that now rather than tellin it after the poor performance! (I guess it acts as shock absorbers to do so :)

There's a Pasta party tonight for carbo-loading at Herbs n Spices, Indiranagar. There, i'll get to meet lots of other runners and get jealous of their training schedules.

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