Sunday, July 20, 2008

One month on my Merida Crossway

Its been a month on my new bike. And it's been fabulous all the way. I've probably earned one tenth the price of the bike in terms of cash paid to autos! Its been my default mode of transport irrespective of where in the city i go (except during rains).

The stats:
Total distance: 701 km
Top speed: 43 kmph (on a flat stretch with a long very mild downwards incline between Devanhalli and Nandi hills)
Longest ride: The BBC Nandi race - 100km - 5:31 hrs

Current mood: Excited thinking of a possible Bangalore-Mysore ride in August
Currently listening to: Deng Wo Hui Lai - Aaron Kwok (Experimenting with listening to Chinese n Japanese pop for a while, thanks to a gift by a Singaporean labmate)


Tomas said...

I have the same exact model. It's a great universal bike :)

Ashen said...

RoastedNeutrons! Get in touch with I have a few questions about Merida bikes and I could use some help :) A number where I could reach you would be great.