Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 to just 100

Distances....... when a kid, going to the UAS campus that's around a km away from home, was a long distance outdoors adventure. Then school also moved to 'far away' (read 1.5 km)...... At high school, far away got redefined to 7 km, where my school was. And i was travelling a 'long' distance to school, by bus. And once, I secretly, without anyone's knowledge, cycled the distance to school and back. Something to brag about amongst friends...... Around early college times, this distance turned short, i used to walk around the same distance regularly..... Sometime later, Nandi hills was far away, Hessarghatta was far away...... first yr after college, i made a 'huge leap' into cycling a total of ~100 km to Nandi and back...... 'Wow! 100 kms'...... Now, its turned to a routine race distance - 'just 100 kms'........ And i can even run ~80 km (Bangalore Ultra '07).

waiting for a 'long' ride to happen soon......

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Abhi said...
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Abhi said...

:) good going. Even I had a similar adventure. School was around 1.5km, then the engg college was around 7.5 kms. And one fine morning me and three of my friends set-off on our cycles to go on a real loooong ride and it was 241 kms took us 2 days. And the most interesting thing was every one at our homes thought we were roaming around in the town itself ;)

By the way
Metallica Ruled The World. They seemed lost in St.Anger :|

neuromancer said...


wow. 241 km is cool.

I hope to be doin a similar dist sometime soon.