Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Excitement Stress Disorder (PESD)

Wanted it to somehow be pisd, But pesd sounds almost like it...

I thought i was the only one with this! But i thought i'll call it a syndrome, once i heard Venkat also cribbing about feeling low and finding issues with everything he's been working on, on the days following the awesome BCB race

- Generally feeling low, although you have to be proud of what you just achieved
- Hating the stupid work thrown at you, all of which seems pointless (mostly rightly so :)
- Inability to concentrate on the bullshit and smalltalk others are spewing
- Inability to continue reading a book you were reading just before the excitement

Suggested medicine (experimental, awaiting FDA approval):
- Good food
- Rock or metal (some might like sad and depressing songs too)
- Mindless insane pace running/riding
- Start doing some mundane chore religiously (like clean your room/desk)
- Beer
- A tight slap
- Another one

Current mood: pesd
Currently listening to: The wicker man - Iron Maiden


Sou|Reap3r said...

I guess I am suffering from this since the Brevets Launch ride.. :P

neuromancer said...

@soul: i think its cos after achieving something u dreamed of, ur daily routine looks too trivial and miniscule