Monday, June 15, 2009


People have been complainin that my blog has become more of an event announcement and reporting blog. Where's the passion? where's the love in the post?

Things that i was passionate about, have become more routine these days.... For example, it was a big thing to cycle to Nandi hills once. Now its something that happens very often. But u might ask, arent ur limits still being stretched? Arent there new things that u r doing?

Yes indeed. But, these things take time to write about. I spend more time doing the things than writing about them these days. But i hope to mend that, cos i still love to write these things, so that i can visit it back with the same flavour as i originally relished it.

So there are a few things that i've been writing for ages now.... those articles with a soul.... All just drafts waiting to be completed somewhere in the near future hopefully..... The trip to Sangannakal's neolithic rock art..... ambitions and traininng for the Sunfeast 10k...... The sudden trip to Pondicherry..... Training for the duathlon..... Cradles of Innovation..... My experience teaching kids.....

The problem with the things that u want to write with passion is that u always feel that u havent done a good job writing it, and keep modifying it eternally until u feel its palatable.

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Anonymous said...

True!! All I see in this blog of late is running, cycling, running, cycling and more running and even more cycling :) :) what happened to poetry??!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Hitesh mamgain said...

I somehow feel that in the evolutionary sense that is what will be the purpose of internet medium [posting events & what are you doing now?]. As individuals we love to talk about things we do, but writing about it and publishing requires double the effort - do it and then write it.

Look at facebook, all it does is tells each other your status, which merely is just a line,